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Earth Paint Colors

These are the posts that mention making paint, or about the various colors of earth pigments and watercolor paints I’ve made. To read more in depth about the pigments and paints I make visit my Paleo Paints blog: https://www.paleopaints.com/category/colors/

Provenance of a Paint

Most of my paints begin with a rock. Sometimes I remember to record the process it goes through from rock to paint, and sometimes the process isn’t quick. This is the story of a paint made from a reddish sandstone found here at Wild Ozark. It’s the provenance of Number 2021-01. I’m still working with …

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Mistaken Identity | Sassafras or Osage?

Oh my, what a huge case of mistaken identity. The tree I’d assumed was sassafras is definitely not. It’s an Osage orange. And yes, I do know those two trees look entirely different, but all I had to go on were roots and a weathered trunk.

Pigment foraging for the wild blue lightfast color in the Ozarks.

Pigment Foraging | Late Summer Means it’s Time for the BLUE!

I’ve been watchfully waiting for this week to begin. All summer, I’ve waited. Watching. And I was beginning to get a little worried that they might not be here this year. But this week the dayflowers bloomed and the pigment foraging began. Yesterday I left the house at nearly 0830 and it was already hot …

Pigment Foraging | Late Summer Means it’s Time for the BLUE! Read More »

Black Pigment | My Favorite Source is the Hardest

There’s a black, gritty stone that lives here at Wild Ozark and I do not know what it is. I *think* it is a form of bitumen, a very poor quality sort of coal. Whatever it is, this is the best source for black pigment that I’ve found. Previous to this discovery, charred bone was …

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A color story: Wild Ozark raw pigments

A Color Story | Earth Pigments | From Rocks to Paint

When I want a certain color of paint, I’ll go to the creek to look for the rocks I’ll need. In this case, the color is a rich russet – brown with orange influence. What is the color story behind the rocks? But that’s not really where the color story starts. The story starts when …

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Flora and Fauna, and Sacred Art

Sacred Art

These are the ways my muse speaks to me. The messages are given through the flora and fauna of my habitat, and I (try to) pass it along to you in the form of art. This task is something I consider to be sacred. Everything about the act of doing it, from gathering the rocks to the destruction and subsequent re-creation into usable paints, to the transference of an idea into reality on paper… it all is part of a sacred art.

A Painting was accepted! Jones Gallery November Exhibit

I’m so excited to announce that my ‘Working the Dark Waters‘ fantasy painting is going to hang in the November Group Art Show at the Jones Gallery in Kansas City, MO for the month of November. This one, as well as the 1894 Gallery show, were national juried shows. So during the month of November …

A Painting was accepted! Jones Gallery November Exhibit Read More »

Accepted to the Creature Conserve 'Re-Imagining Conservation' exhibit at the Swale House on Governors Island in NY. “Destination Unknown”, in Ozark earth pigments.

Red-tailed Hawk Painting in Earth Pigments

“Destination Unknown”, in Ozark earth pigments. Media is handmade watercolors using real earth pigments on Fabriano 300# (hot press) and measures 16″ x 20″. The Red-tailed hawk is one of the birds in my ongoing Ozark Birds of Prey project. Click the title to see the process …

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