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Earth Paint Colors

These are the posts that mention making paint, or about the various colors of earth pigments and watercolor paints I’ve made. To read more in depth about the pigments and paints I make visit my Paleo Paints blog: https://www.paleopaints.com/category/colors/

Flora and Fauna, and Sacred Art

Sacred Art

These are the ways my muse speaks to me. The messages are given through the flora and fauna of my habitat, and I (try to) pass it along to you in the form of art. This task is something I consider to be sacred. Everything about the act of doing it, from gathering the rocks to the destruction and subsequent re-creation into usable paints, to the transference of an idea into reality on paper… it all is part of a sacred art.

A tree being: Gloria with sunlight.

Making Paint is Meditative

Early this morning my friend moved through the doorway of this life and into the realm of whatever lies beyond. And because making paint is meditative to me, that’s what I did for most of my time today. What comes after I know everyone has their own ideas about what comes next when a person …

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My forager bag of sassafras root bark.

Color from Sassafras Root Bark

Today I experimented with sassafras root bark to see if it will make paint. I use the leaves of sassafras trees to get a nice bright yellow color. Ordinarily, I avoid using plant pigments because they tend to be fugitive, meaning they fade or discolor with time. Some plant pigments, like the green I get …

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Accepted to the Wild & Scenic Film festival. “Destination Unknown”, in Ozark earth pigments. The model was a photo by Mike TR Dunn, used by permission. Media is handmade watercolors using real earth pigments on Fabriano 300# and is 16" x 20". The Red-tailed hawk is one of the birds in my ongoing Ozark Birds of Prey project.

Red-tailed Hawk Painting in Earth Pigments

“Destination Unknown”, in Ozark earth pigments. Media is handmade watercolors using real earth pigments on Fabriano 300# (hot press) and measures 16″ x 20″. The Red-tailed hawk is one of the birds in my ongoing Ozark Birds of Prey project. Click the title to see the process …

Paint-Making 101 Ad

Join me on a Forage?

I make paint from rocks. Join me on a forage and make your own handmade watercolors. Cost is $75 and all materials are included.

Pigment Hunting at War Eagle

The pigment hunting trip was successful. Nothing really new or different in the colors, though. The rocks I found that would be easy to make pigment from were very similar to the rocks I find around home.

Make your own watercolor paints with the new DIY Paleo Paints kit from Wild Ozark!

She Delivers in Spades

I went down to see what gifts the creek brought when the waters receded from my favorite little spot 💕 She always delivers in spades when she rages 😁 Why the rocks? If you haven’t already been following me, you may wonder why on earth I am so excited over these rocks. Maybe in the …

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Decorate with nature using this sweet"Brahman Baby" painting in bone black, creek shale, and willow black..

Brahman Baby in Gray-scale

So I’ve got something entirely new and out of my usual realm drying on the easel. If you scroll down, you can watch “Brahma Baby” in progress, from start to finish. If you’d like a print of this painting then click here. There are several differences between this painting and the others I’ve done. First, …

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