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I’m a rock-smashing, nature-loving northwest Arkansas nature artist using Ozark pigments to make paintings in oils and watercolors. Welcome to my virtual space.

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Let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for. If you’re in the US, the shopping cart will work and shipping is free. For international orders, email me. I’ll have to add postage.


About Madison Woods
– learn a bit more about the artist & author of this website

About Wild Ozark
– everything about what Wild Ozark encompasses, which is more than just my art.

NFT Artwork

Some of my artwork is available as NFTs. You’ll find me minting on the Ethereum, Solana and mostly on Tezos blockchains.


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email: madison@wildozark.com


The Wild Ozark Ginseng website

My fiction website

Arkansas Nature Artist

We live way off the pavement in the Ozark mountains. For an Arkansas nature artist, there is no better place to live! Wildlife abounds, both predators and prey. There is no shortage of gorgeous natural scenery out here. The minute I look out of the window or step outside our door, there are things to see and experience. Our water comes from a spring high up on the mountain, sweet gravity feed makes a pump or electricity for plumbing unnecessary.

Bears live up on the mountain and they like to wreak havoc on our water lines from time to time. Snakes of all sorts live here, and birds are plentiful. Our creek provides a never-ending supply of pigment rocks that I use to make our paint. I love to share the colors and experiences of living here in the wilderness, and I do that through my art and writing.



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