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The Wild Ozark Musings, Roots Inventory, and my Rural Fantasy newsletters are meant to inform, entertain, delight and reconnect you to nature in a variety of ways.

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The Roots Inventory is a seasonal newsletter for those who are interested in buying ginseng for personal consumption. Click here to read the December 2016 issue of Roots.


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The Wild Ozark Musings is a monthly newsletter to entertain and delight and reconnect to nature.


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5 thoughts on “Newsletters – Wild Ozark Musings, Rural Fantasy, and Roots Inventory

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  2. Still checking out your website but am enjoying all the information you have. I have always loved plants and getting my hands dirty in the soil. Lately I’ve become interested more in native plants and herbs. Moved from MI to NC several years ago and have just recently started to notice the natives in my yard (in a sub div but have almost half acre lot with a natural wooded area). May move in a few years after retirement to a little more rural area with more land and trees. Thinking maybe of growing ginseng and other companions.

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for reading! I’m always excited to hear from other nature and plant lovers. I’d always been interested and enjoyed both, but when we moved from our semi-urban life in south Louisiana to the very rural and wild Ozarks, it was a big change. Like a smorgasbord of plants and nature had suddenly appeared in front of me, lol. In NC I imagine there is a lot of opportunity for nature and native plants, and you should definitely be able to find a place where you can grow the ginseng and companions 🙂

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