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Madison Woods, Driving the John Deere.

About Madison Woods

Click HERE to learn more about me as an artist. Read on below for more general information.

What kinds of things does a person who visits this page want to know? Age – over 50, married to the man of my dreams, mother to three incredible people, offspring of a couple of pretty interesting folks, and sister to another. I’m constantly walking around with one foot in the real world.

The other foot? Mired in the muck of some other plane of existence.

If you ask me, this makes me both practical and open to worlds that may not exist for other people who walk with both feet in what most consider to be reality.

I am fascinated with nature. Nature is my muse. It’s the juxtaposition of beauty and brutality that gets me. Liminal spaces… situations… maybe they’re just moments in time? I don’t know, but they beckon me with a siren’s call, and I don’t even know how to define them.

When I’m not simultaneously creating (my art) and destroying (my studio/office), I’m either helping Rob on our homestead chores, writing or wandering around outside with the camera or a set of watercolors, or in the woods working with the ginseng nursery.

My fiction and nonfiction are both deeply influenced by my life in the remote Ozark Mountains. My products are devoted to promoting a love for Nature and to providing escape into fantastical nature-influenced stories.

Recent Interviews

Craig Amason with the University of Missouri Library out of Springfield came out to do an interview in December, 2019.

In November 2019, Lisa J. Tomey interviewed me about my work with local pigments for Okra Magazine, publication date TBD. I’ll add links when I get them.

Jaqueline Frolich of KUAF came out in January 2019 to talk a bit about how I make the Paleo Paints. Here’s a link to the interview if you want to tune in: Local Artist Creates Paints Using Ancient Methods

Layne Sleeth wrote an article about my work ginseng in 2016. It’s published in the Aug/Sept 2016 issue of Ozark Hills & Hollows.


Nature Farmer

Everything I do and am is influenced by soul-strings tied to the wilderness. It’s not a secret – I am woo-woo and there’s no way around it. But like I said above, I’ve got one foot firmly planted in reality so it gives me a unique position and perspective. My career history is scientific. Most of my adult life has been spent in organic, inorganic, and environmental laboratories.

Author, Artist, Bark and Ginseng Grower

Strange assortment of things I do for money and vocation. I write fiction and nonfiction, but I used to write a lot more. Now mostly all I do is make art and paint. Past articles include “Indian Tobacco”, August 2017, an article about Lobelia inflata featuring one of my drawings, and “Through the Seasons with American Ginseng & its Companions”, can’t remember publication date for this one, for the North American Native Plant Society (NANPS.org) newsletter “Blazing Star”.

My article on Green Dragons (Arisaema dracontium) and my drawings will be the cover and feature article for the summer issue (2018) of Blazing Star. You’ll be able to see my drawings when the post goes live (update: it’s live now) or you can follow along with my progress by following me on Instagram or Facebook.

Wild Ozark is the only licensed American ginseng nursery in Arkansas. It’s also the brand for all of my creative work.


Upcoming workshops and appearances can be found on this page.

My Writing

All of my nonfiction books can be found at Amazon. My rural fantasy fiction, mostly set in the Ozarks, is published at Amazon under the pen name Ima Erthwitch.

Connect with Me on Social Media

You can easily find me on all social medias by searching for “Wild Ozark”. I’m the voice behind the social media, blog and website at www.WildOzark.com.

Ginseng Grower

Seeds go in the ground throughout the woods in fall through early spring and seedlings come up in late April. From April to September I sell them potted from the farm or farmer’s market. From October to March, I ship them bare-root anywhere in the United States.

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