About Madison Woods

Madison Woods, author, creator & wild-simulated ginseng advocate

I am fascinated with nature, which we humans are so intrinsically a part of. Keenly interested in how we interact, how everything is connected, I strive to understand and honor this tie that binds us all.

I use writing, photography, and sketching to help my readers reconnect to Nature through my blog, online sketching journal, and books and stories.

My fiction and nonfiction are both deeply influenced by my life in the remote Ozark Mountains. My products are devoted to promoting a love for Nature and to providing escape into fantastical nature-influenced stories.

Recent articles include “Indian Tobacco”, August 2017, an article about Lobelia inflata featuring one of my drawings, and “Through the Seasons with American Ginseng & its Companions”, can’t remember publication date for this one, for the North American Native Plant Society (NANPS.org) newsletter “Blazing Star”.

An article was written about Wild Ozark and me by Layne Sleeth. It’s published in the Aug/Sept 2016 issue of Ozark Hills & Hollows.

Wild Ozark is the only licensed American ginseng nursery in Arkansas. It’s also the publisher for all of my creative work.


Upcoming workshops and appearances can be found on this page.

My Writing

All of my nonfiction books can be found at Amazon. My rural fantasy fiction, mostly set in the Ozarks, is published at Amazon under the pen name Ima Erthwitch.

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You can easily find me on all social medias by searching for “Wild Ozark”. I’m the voice behind the social media, blog and website at www.WildOzark.com.


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