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Join a plant walk with Madison Woods at Wild Ozark.

Plant Walk & Nature Journaling at Wild Ozark

There are other plant walks in Arkansas, but this one is probably a little different. The trails we’ll follow are deer trails and logging roads. The drive to get here is gorgeous. And the biodiversity here at Wild Ozark is incredible. Our 160 acres is far off of the beaten path six miles from pavement. …

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A western fence lizard on a sandstone in the garden of an Ozark nature artist.

Musings from an Ozark nature artist

I’m at an ‘in between’ time at the moment. Between rain showers and rainy days, between things scheduled on my calendar. And since I just finished a painting, I’m between paintings, too. But this is a great time for an Ozark nature artist to get out and enjoy some nature.

A sampling of cottagecore art by Madison Woods.

Cottagecore Art is Down to Earth

All of my paints are handmade. And every color except for the white came from the rocks on our property here at Wild Ozark. I forage for the rocks, crush them into powders and then make the paints that I use for each work. If cottagecore art is down to earth, mine is definitely that.

Rustic Kitchen Paintings

The complete Rustic Kitchen Collection, and how it looks framed. They’re still wet right now but I’ll be uploading them to my shop in the ‘In Progress’ category in a little while. Always a discount while in that category, and a discount for buying the whole collection while it’s intact, too. There will be prints coming soon, as well. All are 5 x 7″, Ozark oil pigments.

When I’m not Painting, and Something Woo-Woo About Me

There are days when I’m not painting, usually when I’m between paintings or stepping back from one in progress. On Saturdays when I’m at the studio in Alpena, I always like to at least get something small done or started. And right now I’ve got three almost dry paintings in my cramped home office/studio, so …

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Karter's Brahman Baby

A Quick Cow Painting | Karter’s Brahman Baby

It’s a good thing my grandkids like paintings of their critters for their birthday presents. Here’s a quick cow painting for Karter. It’s her baby Brahman. Quick There are some things I’d do more to this one if I had time, but there isn’t time. It’s on birch plywood and I’ll trim it in jute …

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Making this short video was on my to-do list too, and I forgot to list it.

An Artist’s To-Do List

I guess I’m writing about my To Do List more than actually *doing* them at the moment. Anyway, here’s what’s on the list of things to do today and the rest of next week.

2023 Workshop Season

UPDATE 5/2/23: Workshop season is here, and I’m beginning to schedule a few classes/workshops/herbwalks/orchidwalks. Some will take place here at Wild Ozark, and some will take place at the studio in Alpena. Keep up with workshops as they’re scheduled by signing up for my newsletter, or follow the Workshop page at my online shop. Covid …

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A Spiral Day

This morning I walked over to see if there’s grass growing in the horses’ field yet. After crossing over rocks in the creek, as I walked up the hill out of the creek valley, I found this fossil. It looks like the spiral of an ammonite. If that’s what it is, it’s the first one …

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New Acceptance | Creature Conserve at Swale House

I’m incredibly honored and excited to announce that Destination Unknown is heading to the Swale House on Governors Island, NY for the Re-Imagining Conservation: From the Ground Up exhibition. Many thanks to @creatureconserve Curator, Heather McMordie. The exhibit runs from May 5 –November. This is my red-tail’s second time to visit the NYC area to …

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