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Honored to be accepted to this exhibit at Fenix Arts in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

New Acceptance: Fenix Arts’ Magical Circus | Fayetteville Arkansas

I’m happy to announce that Detour for a Thirsty Raven was accepted into the Magical Circus show at Fenix Arts in Fayetteville, AR. Thank you to the juror Zeek Taylor, who is a multiple award winning artist and author in Northwest Arkansas. Detour for a Thirsty Raven At first glance, this painting may not seem …

New Acceptance: Fenix Arts’ Magical Circus | Fayetteville Arkansas Read More »

Obstacles in my Art Journey | Painting a Portrait

I find it odd that I can paint an animal fairly well, but throw a human into the mix, and if there’s a face, I balk. Human faces are one of the biggest obstacles in my art journey, and I want to scale that mountain. In my current painting, I’m pleased with what I’ve learned, though there is so soo sooo much more I need to learn and practice.

Hugo, a painting of a French Bulldog puppy.

Painting a French Bulldog Pup | Hugo

I’m currently painting a French bulldog pup. This is my youngest son’s fur-baby. He’s not so little as this photo anymore, but Garrison wanted one of him as a puppy, and then another later as an adult. Progression

Upcoming Madison Woods Paintings | Memorial Gift, Paintings as Gifts

For the rest of the year I’ll be busy doing art for family members, so any commissions requested now will begin after 2024 begins. Here’s the itinerary for upcoming Madison Woods paintings. A Memorial Painting My oldest son’s paternal grandmother died recently. One of her favorite things in the world was her house. She lived …

Upcoming Madison Woods Paintings | Memorial Gift, Paintings as Gifts Read More »

Our water tank floweth over.

Hiking up the Mountain

This morning I went hiking up the mountain to check on our water tank. It’s been very dry here for the whole summer, and the recent rains haven’t added anything to the creeks. The creeks are almost completely dry. Every few days I check the few watering holes left to make sure the horses have …

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Twisted Tree In Ozark Pigment Oils | #1-2023

Sometimes they’re just gnarly, twisted trees. Welcome to my progression page for a Twisted Tree in Ozark pigment oils. My Twisted Tree paintings fall into a category all by themselves. These paintings have no direction, and I just go wherever the painting wants to go. They’re really good for helping to re-awaken the imagination, or …

Twisted Tree In Ozark Pigment Oils | #1-2023 Read More »

Shallots from my stonework garden.

Stonework is Also Artwork

These are the bulbs of green onions, or shallots. My original start of them came from my grandfather’s garden. He was getting rid of them because he didn’t like the wide leaves and preferred green onions with narrow leaves.

Wall of Gratitude

I love it when my collectors share their framed artwork with me. Seeing how they’ve framed it and where they’ve placed it in their homes fills me with a joyous sense of gratitude. So I’m making this post as a sort of ‘Wall of Gratitude’. Have you seen some of the restaurants in tourist cities …

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When Life Throws a Curveball

Little things crop up unexpectedly from time to time, like a hailstorm in late May or squirrels eating all of the pears when they’re almost ripe. Sometimes life throws a big curveball, though. Such an event happened here at Wild Ozark late Monday evening. Rob and I have been working to get his first row …

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BioDB: Uniting the World for Wildlife Conservation

Introduction: This is a guest post from the founder of BioDB, Assaf Levy. From time to time, I host a guest article on this website if the topic has to do with nature, conservation, environmental concerns, local nature attractions, or art.

White Passionflower

Madison Woods is a Nature and wildlife Artist who also loves native medicinal plants. Here’s photos of her white passionflower blooming.

It's time for my periodic clearing of physical and mental clutter.

Periodic Clearing

A creative person loves to collect ideas and supplies. But now it’s time for my periodic clearing of the mental and physical clutter.

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