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September Gallery Selections at TAGNWA (The Art Gallery at the NWA Mall)

These are my September gallery selections for The Art Gallery at the NWA Mall in Fayetteville, AR. For the month of October, I think I will swap some of them out for a selection of framed prints. All Ozark pigments, lightfast watercolor originals This set is located in the front room of the gallery on …

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A pocket of hematite in a rock.

Sharing the Awe | The Reason for My Art

A large part of my reason for doing art is that it gives me a means for sharing the awe I feel when I create something. Since I began working with these Ozark pigments, the level of wonder and amazement I experience has increased exponentially. Same when it comes to making sculptures and beads with …

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Header image for my art in progress post about my painting of the orange spotted salamander named Sally.

Nature Art in Progress | Sally (the orange spotted salamander)

Click through to see my whimsical nature art in progress. This is Sally (the salamander), and she’s the third character in my whimsical Down at the Creek series. I’ll add characters to this series as they coalesce in my imagination. The series will culminate in a large painting (22 x 30″) that combines all the scenes into one large setting. Fun, right!?

mermaid in a sea of swirling air

mermaid in a sea of swirling air Gloria drops her leaves litter like silk puddles around her on the ground She’s nearly nude now * The wind rolls in like waves breakers on hilltops It spills, crashes into the valley I feel like  a mermaid In a sea of swirling air

Nature Inspired Art | A New Collection

Down at the Creek, a nature inspired series of paintings The other day I went out with my plein air pack, intending to paint a nature inspired scene down at the creek. As usual, I’m using exclusively Ozark pigments (handmade watercolors) for this. After settling down on one of the big rocks, I started putting …

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Provenance of a Paint

Most of my paints begin with a rock. Sometimes I remember to record the process it goes through from rock to paint, and sometimes the process isn’t quick. This is the story of a paint made from a reddish sandstone found here at Wild Ozark. It’s the provenance of Number 2021-01. I’m still working with …

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The second set of test pieces - they survived!

What Does OOAK Mean?

What does OOAK mean in arts and crafts descriptions and titles? It means one of a kind (ooak), but this might not always be so clear cut as you might think. Pay close attention to item descriptions and ask questions of the seller if you want to be sure you’re getting truly unique items. One …

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The New ‘Shop Wild Ozark’ Website

The new Shop Wild Ozark URL is https://shop.wildozark.com/ I’ve finally gotten most of the art, prints, notecards, and pigment products moved over to the new Shop Wild Ozark location. I’m sure there might have been an easier way to do it, but since I wanted to redesign the whole thing, I didn’t want to export/import …

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Coffeetime at Wild Ozark | A collection

Here’s a collection of paintings to celebrate coffeetime and delight the coffee lovers. Coffee with donut, coffee with beignets, a quiet coffee sipping spot, favorite mug, a somewhat unconventional way to drink coffee, and last but not least, coffee with bourbon.

An Artist’s Work Task List | Catching up with April

Hermit Journal 10 April 2022 Technically, I’m not really a hermit because my husband is here. But we both have projects to work on most days, so unless I’m helping him or he’s helping me, during the day we have gone our separate ways to get our tasks done. So we’re both kind of ‘daytime …

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New Acceptance | Watercolor USA 2022

The Forager was accepted to the 61st exhibition of Watercolor USA, a national, annual juried exhibition recognizing contemporary American watermedia painting. The juror was Kevin Umaña, co-founder of The Ekru Project, a Kansas City-based artist-run gallery focused on contemporary, emerging, and historically excluded artists. Watercolor USA 2022 Exhibit Details June 4, 2022 – August 28, 2022At the Weisel …

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Finished A Painting Marathon, now taking a break

For the past five weeks, I’ve been on a painting marathon. That’s why I haven’t been making blog posts, and haven’t done much else, either. I’ve been working on a collection called Coffeetime at Wild Ozark. These are all smaller paintings on handmade paper I’d bought a couple of years ago. For whatever reason, I …

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Wild Ozark Hermit Report | Upcoming Shows

The weather is torturing me with spells of warm, sunny days followed by days of bitter cold and wind. I’m so ready for spring. But it’s been busy around here and I haven’t had a chance to make a blog post in a while. So here’s the Wild Ozark Hermit Report of what’s been happening …

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avoiding hibernation, a banner for wildozark

Hibernation Avoidance | Hermit Musings

This winter I haven’t felt much like doing anything at all outside. But yesterday the sun started shining and today it will continue. I think the temps will be bearable tomorrow, too. I want so badly to get outside and DO something. I started writing this post on Saturday afternoon, it was nearly time to …

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