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My Earthy Painting Process

Follow along through the steps I take to create an earthy painting. My process isn’t pretty, as I tend to make mistakes. But things usually turn out alright in the end :)

Obstacles in my Art Journey | Painting a Portrait

I find it odd that I can paint an animal fairly well, but throw a human into the mix, and if there’s a face, I balk. Human faces are one of the biggest obstacles in my art journey, and I want to scale that mountain. In my current painting, I’m pleased with what I’ve learned, though there is so soo sooo much more I need to learn and practice.

Hugo, a painting of a French Bulldog puppy.

Painting a French Bulldog Pup | Hugo

I’m currently painting a French bulldog pup. This is my youngest son’s fur-baby. He’s not so little as this photo anymore, but Garrison wanted one of him as a puppy, and then another later as an adult. Progression

Twisted Tree In Ozark Pigment Oils | #1-2023

Sometimes they’re just gnarly, twisted trees. Welcome to my progression page for a Twisted Tree in Ozark pigment oils. My Twisted Tree paintings fall into a category all by themselves. These paintings have no direction, and I just go wherever the painting wants to go. They’re really good for helping to re-awaken the imagination, or …

Twisted Tree In Ozark Pigment Oils | #1-2023 Read More »

Red morph eastern screech owl, in Ozark pigments. Unique art by Madison Woods.

Painting of a Screech Owl | Ozark Birds of Prey

Several years ago I had the fortunate opportunity to not only get one, but several photos of three little Eastern Screech owl fledglings. And so now you get to see the progression of my painting of a screech owl.

The second of the gecko paintings in progress.

Update on the Gecko Paintings

I’m in the process of painting the third of three different geckos for a ‘Unique Pet’ portrait commission. I’m almost finished now with the painting phase of this project. After the last little gecko is finished, I’ll frame them and mount the pigment sample rocks on the frame. Finally, the backs will be professionally finished …

Update on the Gecko Paintings Read More »

A painting of a highlander and longhorn in Ozark pigments by Madison Woods.

Highlander and Longhorn Cow | Painting Process for ‘Best Friends’

Every year for their birthdays, the grandkids pick the subject they want me to paint. And every time we do this, their requests are getting more and more challenging. The latest one I’ve started is a scene that includes two cows. Not just any cows, but a longhorn and a highlander. I make a print …

Highlander and Longhorn Cow | Painting Process for ‘Best Friends’ Read More »

An image of my buffalo/bison painting. Namesake is heading to the Big Apple soon! It'll hang in a show at the Salmagundi Club from Oct. 25-Nov. 5, 2021.

How Did the Buffalo National River Get its Name? | “Namesake”

I bet you’d already guessed it. The namesake of the Buffalo National River is … the buffalo. But that’s a misnomer. What we call ‘buffalo’ are actually bison. The American ‘Buffalo’ is really an American Bison. Before Europeans arrived on this land, there were bison everywhere. Many tribes of Native Americans depended on them, literally, …

How Did the Buffalo National River Get its Name? | “Namesake” Read More »

header for my post on Dr. Carter's Office painting.

Painting in Progress: Dr. Carter’s Office

My current painting in progress is one of the buildings on the grounds of the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, located in Springdale, Arkansas. Dr. Carter’s Office was moved to the museum at a later date, but started life in the late 1880’s in Elkins, Arkansas (Washington county).

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