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Custom Paintings

Posts that feature information about the custom paintings or other artwork I’ve made for clients. I do nature art for company logos, business cards, advertisements, or for any other function, including but not limited to home or office decor.

My paintings are unique in that they feature a limited palette of wild-crafted Ozark pigments processed by hand into my signature Paleo Paints. My style is unique and recognizable.

Decorate with nature using this sweet"Brahman Baby" painting in bone black, creek shale, and willow black..

Brahman Baby in Gray-scale

So I’ve got something entirely new and out of my usual realm drying on the easel. If you scroll down, you can watch “Brahma Baby” in progress, from start to finish. If you’d like a print of this painting then click here. There are several differences between this painting and the others I’ve done. First, …

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Drawing the Eye of a Pelican

The Painting of a Pelican

This painting of a Louisiana Brown Pelican was based mostly on a photo by Shelby Townsend , but I liked the feet on another from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, so modified them to drape over the edge of the post. The Model for my Subject Here’s Shelby’s story about the day he took the photo. …

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