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~ Rock Foraging Nature Artist & Real Estate Agent in Kingston, AR ~

Madison Woods is my creative chosen name. My real name is Roxann Riedel, and aside from being a nature-loving artist, I’m a REALTOR® with Montgomery Whiteley Realty.

(479)409-3429, or email madison@wildozark.com

A memorial painting for my son, a picture of his grandmother's home.

Progression Page | Gail’s House | Memorial Painting

I'm painting a picture of this house as a memorial gift for my son. It was his grandmother's home before she died.

Gail’s House

This photo taken by my dad is the reference I’m working from. In this memorial gift painting, there’s a lot more bright green than something I’m accustomed to. I’m not sure my pigments will get quite there, but it should be close now that I have some thyme on hand. The lake pigment from thyme gives me yellow, and the indigo gives the blue. Together, I can make green, and a fairly lightfast green, blue, or yellow as compared to many other plant sources for pigments.


For this memorial painting, I’m using a 5 x 7″ panel. I’m using handmade oil paints from local pigments with the exception of titanium and indigo. The rest of the colors are from sources gathered here at Wild Ozark. Eventually I’ll have a home-grown source for the blue oil paint, but I think woad will work better than indigo because of growing requirements for that plant.

I typically don’t use rulers or pencil to make initial sketches. And so my buildings are not quite right, architecturally. But, the imperfections and the earthy pigments give them a character more fitting to my style of painting things. When I painted Dr. Carter’s Office, a building at the Shiloh Museum in Lowell, it also was imperfect. At first that bothered me, but in the end, I liked the outcome. I do try to get as close to correct as I can, though. Rather than striving for perfection in this memorial painting, I’m aiming to capture the personality of the house and the memory of the person for the recipient of the painting.

A memorial painting for my son, a picture of his grandmother's home.

Custom Memorial Paintings

If you’d like a painting to capture a memory, for yourself or to gift, I do take commissions. However, I am booked out for the rest of this year. New commissions won’t begin until after the start of 2024. A custom memorial painting doesn’t have to be a house. It could be landscape, pets, or anything your loved one treasured or whatever holds the memories for the recipient.

Contact Mad Rox: (479) 409-3429 or madison@madisonwoods and let me know which hat I need to put on 🙂 Madison for art, Roxann for real estate, lol. Or call me Mad Rox and have them both covered!



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