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Art by Madison Woods

Everything that has to do with art by Madison Woods will fall under this category. Most of it is subcategorized to be more specific. It’s always hard for me to figure out how a person might search for my work if they don’t know what to call or can’t remember my name.


If you would share with me the phrase you used to find me here, this would help me tremendously to get found in the future by others!


All of my paintings feature pigments I’ve collected by hand and processed into watercolor paints. I use the same techniques that artists of old once used (or had apprentices use). There are tutorial pages here at this site if you’d like to learn how to do the same thing with your own rocks.


Art by Madison Woods is mostly nature art, but sometimes I play and experiment with other things. I live here in Kingston, Arkansas with my husband in the middle of the very rural Ozarks. So there’s no end to inspiration from nature. Life is an inspired experience when you live somewhere like this. We have predators and prey, and we are both predators and prey ourselves, at times. We try to live honorably among the wildlife, and respect both theirs and our place in this world. We’ve staked our claims upon a small amount of the land we’re responsible to steward. The rest belongs to the animals.


My palette is limited to the color range available here at Wild Ozark. So far, I’ve resisted the urge to purchase outside pigments so I can have the brighter shades, especially blue.


There are plant pigments that would offer nice bright shades of color, but they’re most often not permanent. Those will fade over time, often within a few days, to a few months. Some may last several years, or perhaps even a lifetime. If I’ve used a pigment like this, it will be clearly stated in my provenance for the work, and on the shop listing.


Thank you for stopping by this website. I hope you enjoy my artwork and come back again!

~ Madison Woods

header for my post on Dr. Carter's Office painting.

Painting in Progress: Dr. Carter’s Office

My current painting in progress is one of the buildings on the grounds of the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, located in Springdale, Arkansas. Dr. Carter’s Office was moved to the museum at a later date, but started life in the late 1880’s in Elkins, Arkansas (Washington county).

New Win: Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Virtual Art Show I’m thrilled to report that A Curious Pair and Destination Unknown were accepted to the virtual art show of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Update 1/15/21: A huge THANK YOU to Consuelo (Chelo) Montoya for choosing Destination Unknown as the third place winner of the paintings category.

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