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Art by Madison Woods

Everything that has to do with art by Madison Woods will fall under this category. Most of it is subcategorized to be more specific. It’s always hard for me to figure out how a person might search for my work if they don’t know what to call or can’t remember my name.


If you would share with me the phrase you used to find me here, this would help me tremendously to get found in the future by others!


All of my paintings feature pigments I’ve collected by hand and processed into watercolor paints. I use the same techniques that artists of old once used (or had apprentices use). There are tutorial pages here at this site if you’d like to learn how to do the same thing with your own rocks.


Art by Madison Woods is mostly nature art, but sometimes I play and experiment with other things. I live here in Kingston, Arkansas with my husband in the middle of the very rural Ozarks. So there’s no end to inspiration from nature. Life is an inspired experience when you live somewhere like this. We have predators and prey, and we are both predators and prey ourselves, at times. We try to live honorably among the wildlife, and respect both theirs and our place in this world. We’ve staked our claims upon a small amount of the land we’re responsible to steward. The rest belongs to the animals.


My palette is limited to the color range available here at Wild Ozark. So far, I’ve resisted the urge to purchase outside pigments so I can have the brighter shades, especially blue.


There are plant pigments that would offer nice bright shades of color, but they’re most often not permanent. Those will fade over time, often within a few days, to a few months. Some may last several years, or perhaps even a lifetime. If I’ve used a pigment like this, it will be clearly stated in my provenance for the work, and on the shop listing.


Thank you for stopping by this website. I hope you enjoy my artwork and come back again!

~ Madison Woods

How Such Earthy Colors End Up In My Art

It’s hard not to want to spend all my time making art with earthy colors, especially when I see super pigmented resources like this all around me every day. Just look at this rock. I don’t know what took me so long to get started. The colors have been here all along, I’d just been …

How Such Earthy Colors End Up In My Art Read More »

A color story: Wild Ozark raw pigments

A Color Story | Earth Pigments | From Rocks to Paint

When I want a certain color of paint, I’ll go to the creek to look for the rocks I’ll need. In this case, the color is a rich russet – brown with orange influence. What is the color story behind the rocks? But that’s not really where the color story starts. The story starts when …

A Color Story | Earth Pigments | From Rocks to Paint Read More »

A tiny bit of blue pigment extracted from Commelina communis petals.

Chasing the Blue Pigment

I had almost resigned myself to never having an Ozark source for a stable blue pigment. I’d tried various flowers around here, like chicory, and hoped the blue porcelain berry skins would have given me blue. None of the rocks have even the slightest hint of blue (except for the one that looked grayish blue …

Chasing the Blue Pigment Read More »

Art by Madison Woods | Ozark Pigments Across the US

I love seeing my art on the walls in other places and on the walls in other people’s spaces. It makes me happy to know these earthy Ozark pigments are out in the world bringing joy. Here are some of the photos owners have sent me of my works on their walls. Some are prints, …

Art by Madison Woods | Ozark Pigments Across the US Read More »

2020 Art Exhibits

Well, it seems like most of the exhibit opportunities are online for the rest of the year. However, I have one painting that will be in an exhibit open to real-life interaction. Here are the Fall 2020 Exhibit locations and dates. Ongoing 2019-2020: ACNMWA Curated Biennial ACNMWA is a nonprofit statewide volunteer organization begun in …

2020 Art Exhibits Read More »

A palette of earthy colors worked well for this old tractor.

Painting the Old Ford 8N Tractor

Over the years since its been here, I’ve taken many photos of this old Ford 8N tractor. It used to belong to my grandfather and my dad refurbished it and brought it up here. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been used and the weather has been hard on it over the years. It needs a lot of …

Painting the Old Ford 8N Tractor Read More »

2nd Anniversary Recap of My Handmade Paints Journey

Handmade Paint | Smashing Rocks and Making Art in Kingston, Arkansas

In July, I forgot to make a 2-year anniversary post for my adventure of handmade paint and smashing rocks! Can you believe it’s already been two whole years since that first poor little painting? I find the time has flown by on one hand, and on the other, it seems like it has been a …

Handmade Paint | Smashing Rocks and Making Art in Kingston, Arkansas Read More »

Favorite Sounds | The Call of the Cuckoo | a.k.a. Rain Crow

For my World Watercolor Month journal entry on the 26 of July, the word prompt was ‘Favorite Sound’. Well, that’s about as hard for me to choose as my favorite color. But right now, during the sultry days of late summer, I guess my favorite sound to hear is the call of the cuckoo, also …

Favorite Sounds | The Call of the Cuckoo | a.k.a. Rain Crow Read More »

My Crow Obsession

Yesterday I mentioned my white spotted crow obsession. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve seen him, but this morning he was on the driveway again. Today I managed to get a pic of Spot. It’s not a very good one, but at least you can see he’s not a figment of my imagination. …

My Crow Obsession Read More »

Quick daily sketches in my watercolor journal.

World Watercolor Month 2020 | A Daily Sketch for a Month

This month is World Watercolor Month 2020 and I’m trying to do a quick painting every day according to the daily prompts. If you want to join in, I’m posting mine over at Instagram and I’d love to see yours too. Since I’m also the new Instagram Ambassador for the Mid-Southern Watercolorists, I’m posting the …

World Watercolor Month 2020 | A Daily Sketch for a Month Read More »

What Bird is Singing? | Click to listen to the Audio

I am hoping someone out there can tell me what kind of bird it is. It is not a cardinal. I saw the bird briefly but it was far up in the treetops and would not stay in one place very long, though it did stay in the same area and seems to always be …

What Bird is Singing? | Click to listen to the Audio Read More »

Flora and Fauna, and Sacred Art

Sacred Art

These are the ways my muse speaks to me. The messages are given through the flora and fauna of my habitat, and I (try to) pass it along to you in the form of art. This task is something I consider to be sacred. Everything about the act of doing it, from gathering the rocks to the destruction and subsequent re-creation into usable paints, to the transference of an idea into reality on paper… it all is part of a sacred art.

Grayscale Art | Painting in Black, Gray and White

I have a new idea mulling around, and it has to do with grayscale… Sometimes I get really frustrated that I don’t have the colors I’d like to have for a painting I’d like to do. For example, I’d love to paint the plants that live in the deep woods ginseng habitat that I love …

Grayscale Art | Painting in Black, Gray and White Read More »

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