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Portfolio | Unique Art by Madison Woods

If you’re seeking unique art, these should fit the bill. All of the colors (except for blue & white) are Ozark pigments. I make my paints from rocks, soot, and bone, and a couple of plants. If you’d rather see only the available original art, click here. Thanks for stopping by!


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Most of my work from this point onward will most likely be Ozark pigments in oils. I make the paint the same way as watercolors, except instead of using gum Arabic, I’m using linseed oil. Instead of using paint thinners, I use black walnut oil. My goal is to avoid the chemicals as much as possible.


The artwork from 2022 and prior is painted using the Ozark pigments in watercolor.




About my Art Process

My goal is to create unique art with as much of the materials as I can foraged from right here at home at Wild Ozark. The pigments in my work all comes from rocks, bone, soot, and a couple of lightfast plants. I process each tube or pan of paint myself. With the oil paints, I do not have a naturally occurring source of white, so I purchase titanium powder to make my white paint. So everything with ‘color’ is Ozark color, but that color is adjusted with outsourced titanium to make it lighter or darker, or white.

I have open studio every Saturday at my studio/gallery in Alpena Arkansas. Where I live in Kingston is pretty remote and it isn’t feasible to invite guests to see my work at home. So I have a space inside the Alpena Mercantile, a historic building on the main street. Since it’s constructed with native stones, it seems the perfect place to call my home away from home.

Because I live down a long dirt road with low-water bridges that flood when it rains enough, cancellations are possible. To stay abreast of any schedule changes, either subscribe to my newsletter and check off the special group for studio updates, or email me if you’re making a special trip. That way I can let you know if I can’t make it. Newsletter subscribers can also join the special group to be notified when I’ve got new works available.