Ginseng, Art, Woodworking, & Nature in the Ozarks

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We’re all about nature here at Wild Ozark. We live in a very remote area of northwest Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains on 160 acres of mostly wild land. Predators and prey are plentiful.

Our philosophy is that we maintain the parts we need to use- that part is “ours” and the wildlife passes through as guests. The rest belong to the wilds. In that part it is we who are the guests.

One of our goals, our main goal, actually, is to become self-reliant using the land as our home and resource. Some of the ways we practice self-reliance includes trying to make a living from this land.

We grow wild-simulated ginseng,  craft jams and sweets from the bounty of fruit and herbs here, and Rob creates fine woodworking items. I write, photograph, and draw, and create products for our market booth from these things.

Ozark Ginseng

We’re the only certified American ginseng nursery in Arkansas (that I know of). Visit us at our market booth in Huntsville on Tuesdays or Rogers on Saturdays.

Or come out to see our Ozark ginseng habitat demonstration garden, buy seedlings, and learn how to grow it.  You can find all that and more by browsing the menu at the top. Books, articles, seedlings, and information about the nursery are here.

This is our Virtual Homestead

I’m Madison Woods, the voice behind this website.  Browse around. Ask questions. Leave comments, and share your own experiences. I am happy you are here and hope you find what you’re seeking! If you don’t, let me know and I’ll try to point you to it.

I’m also “Ima Erthwitch“, rural fantasy writer. If you’re a reader of things somewhat off-track of the norm, you might like my stories. Every Friday I post a flash fiction story to the fiction site. My current long work is book two of the Bounty Hunter series. Book one, First Hunt, is available at Amazon now.

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Visit the Wild Ozark Online Shop & Reconnect to Nature

Or come by and see us in person. We’re a vendor at the Downtown Rogers Farmer’s Market Saturday’s until end of season in October. Our ginseng habitat garden is open to the public by appointment beginning in May. And the online shop is open all the time.

You can also find us at Etsy. The shop name there is predictable: 🙂 I don’t have everything listed yet, but will be adding a little at a time as I get time.

Our latest creation to help you reconnect to nature is this adorable homestead fairy habitat. Going through shipping trials now! Sign up for the newsletter or watch the blog to know when they're listed in our Boutique.
One of our other creations is this adorable homestead fairy habitat kit. Comes complete with moss, rocks, plant, and gravel. Available at the market booth and our online shop!