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What to buy a nature lover - twisted trees from Madison Woods!

What to buy a Nature Lover? | A One-of-a-Kind Twisted Tree Painting!

You’ll never have to agonize over what to buy a nature lover again. Get them an original painting made from a rock.

A new twist on commissions happened recently. The customer had a rock and wondered if I’d paint her one of my twisted trees using that rock to make the paint.

Well, of course I can. What a wonderful idea!

Why do I love painting twisted trees as commissions? Because they’re wild cards. Each twisted tree is full of their own individuality. They’re truly unique. Each twisted tree ‘becomes’ itself as I’m painting it. I can’t dictate how it should look, it is what it wants to be. And I don’t know what it wants to be until the paint starts flowing and it lets me know.

What to Buy a Nature Lover?

So, here’s the offer. Send me the rock or ask me to pick one out for you. I’ll make a paint from it and then the painting. The finished product is a unique work of original art AND the rock and the pan of paint that came from the rock.

Are you wondering what to buy a nature lover?
Finished, matted, and ready to frame. This rock didn’t make a very good paint, but it made a pretty nice twisted tree.

If you’ve ever wondered what to buy a nature lover friend or family member, this is an incredibly unique and natural gift idea. And, pssst… this person could also be YOU.

I can deliver it to you ready to frame (free shipping to US addresses), or I can frame it for you and mount the rock and paint pan on the frame for you. Sizes range from 4 x 6″ to 16 x 20″.

Finishes available include simply matted and shipped, mounted, varnished and framed with no glass needed, or traditionally framed with acrylic glazing, in barn wood frames.

Prices vary, depending on finish and size, but start at $150. Turnaround time is about 4 weeks.

No two trees are ever exactly alike. Each are unique.

You’ll never have to agonize over what to buy a nature lover again.

Gallery of Past Twisted Trees

What Kind of Rocks Make Good Pigment?

Most rocks will offer some sort of pigment, but if you want a really rich color, then look for this. Scratch the rock on something lighter in color, like another rock or a white unglazed tile. If it leaves a white mark, it won’t make a rich color. But if it leaves a colored streak, then that’s a good pigment rock.

If you need me to gather the rock, I’ll be happy to do so. Then I’ll make the paint from it after breaking it and keeping aside a sample of it to later mount on the frame. Once the paint is ready, that’s when your painting begins.

All of my twisted trees are unique personalities. Yours will never be exactly like anyone else’s. Once the painting is done, I’ll ship it to you and in the package will be the pan of paint and the rock sample. If I do the framing, then those items will be mounted onto the frame securely.

Buy a nature lover a Madison Woods Twisted Tree original painting 😀



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    1. I had not made the connection with that metaphor, but it does fit well, doesn’t it? I thought it was just my own twisted mind I was channeling, haha. Thanks, Nancy!

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