I wear two hats with different names: Madison Woods when I’m wearing the artist hat, Roxann Riedel in real life and real estate. I'm a rock-smashing paint-making artist & a sales agent for Montgomery Whiteley Realty. Hailing from the wild Ozarks in Kingston, Arkansas where my husband and I work toward a sustainable lifestyle.

You can text or call to reach me by either name (see above):
(479)409-3429, or email madison@wildozark.com

Recently I went to a friend’s family property to gather some rocks for a painting. They’re selling the farm that’s been in the family for a long while. I offered to create a painting from the local pigments as a way to save her favorite homestead memories.

Here’s the progress of that painting.

A Painting of Homestead Memories

Commissions Open

If you’d like to commission a painting of a homestead memory, or something you want to hold as memory, email me. Commissions are open but may be delayed, depending on current workload. This one is an 8 x 10″. Smaller and larger options are available. Custom palette from your own local rocks are also an option. Email me (madison@wildozark.com) to discuss.

Realtor Gifts

Paintings like these make excellent realtor closing gifts, when the property is a large acreage family farm or generational homestead. Agents can send me the photo and I can use my own pigments, or they can collect rocks from the homestead and send them for a custom palette (additional costs apply). The colors of my palette will usually be very similar to the colors of other areas, so it’s not a critical feature if impractical to gather them.

Here are other real estate paintings I’ve done:

And one from a family farmstead, from an old family photo:



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