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Rustic Scenes

My artwork and photography that depict rustic scenes of the country. For the most part this will be in the United States of America, but I’ve traveled to other countries and may get to travel again one day, so there might be foreign lands thrown in. Old farm implements, old vehicles, old barns and sheds. Scenes from life in rural America. All paintings are watercolors that feature my Ozark pigment Paleo Paints unless otherwise mentioned.

The Weesatche Farmstead

Weesatche, Texas | Another Farmstead Painting

I’m working on a painting for my husband’s Christmas gift. It may not be finished in time, but it won’t be too long afterwards before I’m done. It’s the house where his aunts lived in Weesatche, Texas. It was a little German settlement, with houses, businesses, and a big round gathering hall. He’s told me …

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header for my post on Dr. Carter's Office painting.

Painting in Progress: Dr. Carter’s Office

My current painting in progress is one of the buildings on the grounds of the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, located in Springdale, Arkansas. Dr. Carter’s Office was moved to the museum at a later date, but started life in the late 1880’s in Elkins, Arkansas (Washington county).

A sky full of Ozark beauty.

Natural Ozark Beauty on the To-Paint List

It snowed over the weekend for the first time this season. This always leads to me taking a lot of photos of our natural Ozark beauty, most of them not shared because they’re just too repetitive. But I can’t help but take them, because I see so many beautiful sights. It’s not a habit limited …

Natural Ozark Beauty on the To-Paint List Read More »

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