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Little Cabin in the Woods | No. 2

While I’m waiting on my white pigment powder to arrive, so I can make an opaque white paint, I figured I’d experiment a little with the paints I have on hand. My white grounds came in a few days ago, so I gave one of my 5 x 7″ boards a few coats. I’m finding that I do like working on a white background better than starting off with the linseed coated wood. This is an imaginary cabin in the woods scene. But of course the tree is strongly influenced by our Gloria, the old white oak in our front yard. The little cabin is imaginary, but is influenced by many cabins I’ve seen in the past. The landscape is imaginary, but influenced by the ones I see around here.

This little cabin in the woods is a reoccurring theme, and I’m sure I’ll do another variation of one one day. The first was smaller, a 4 x 4 in Ozark pigment watercolors. I’ll frame this one with pigment samples on the frame. Here’s a link to the listing. My oil paintings will all need to be varnished at least 4 months after they’re finished drying, so I list them in a category for ‘in progress’ paintings. They can be purchased, but will need to dry before delivering to their new home, and returned for varnishing when it’s time.

I’m using my Ozark pigments in oils for this painting. The white that I use is purchased pigment for the purpose of adjusting shades and value of the Ozark pigments.

Cabin in the Woods – Progression

Here’s where you can see my progression on this little cabin in the woods. When it’s finished drying, I’ll post the final photo. The white pigment came in the day before I finished this one, so it does include that element at the end. I really liked being able to make lighter shades and tones of the beautiful, rich, but way too dark Ozark pigments.

The finished and framed Little Cabin in the Woods, by Madison Woods in Ozark oil pigments.
Finished and framed



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