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Handmade Paint

Flora and Fauna, and Sacred Art

Sacred Art

These are the ways my muse speaks to me. The messages are given through the flora and fauna of my habitat, and I (try to) pass it along to you in the form of art. This task is something I consider to be sacred. Everything about the act of doing it, from gathering the rocks to the destruction and subsequent re-creation into usable paints, to the transference of an idea into reality on paper… it all is part of a sacred art.

The lineup of pigments we'll use in the handmade watercolor workshop in Fayetteville, AR next week.

Presenting … A Rainbow of Ozark Pigments

Skip right to the discussion for your workshop: email me at [email protected] I’ll bring my stash of Ozark pigments and rocks, or we can go foraging on site at your location. Plus, I’ll bring all the materials needed to make art with local colors! I’m gathering my supplies and gearing up to do workshops featuring …

Presenting … A Rainbow of Ozark Pigments Read More »

A Painting was accepted! Jones Gallery November Exhibit

I’m so excited to announce that my ‘Working the Dark Waters‘ fantasy painting is going to hang in the November Group Art Show at the Jones Gallery in Kansas City, MO for the month of November. This one, as well as the 1894 Gallery show, were national juried shows. So during the month of November …

A Painting was accepted! Jones Gallery November Exhibit Read More »

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