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Art Journaling

My journey in art journaling. Some are just posts that fall into the category because of style or topic. The older posts are from when I used colored pencils and most recent posts are using my handmade watercolors made from Ozark pigments. Originally, this category was titled “Nature Journaling”, so you’ll possibly notice a bit of disconnect if it isn’t directly related to art. But most of my life is related in one way or another, even before I started calling myself an artist. And every bit of my art is strongly influenced by nature. So either way, whether the post is more to do with nature or more to do with art, I think it’ll fit just fine in here.

Join a plant walk with Madison Woods at Wild Ozark.

Plant Walk & Nature Journaling at Wild Ozark

There are other plant walks in Arkansas, but this one is probably a little different. The trails we’ll follow are deer trails and logging roads. The drive to get here is gorgeous. And the biodiversity here at Wild Ozark is incredible. Our 160 acres is far off of the beaten path six miles from pavement. …

Plant Walk & Nature Journaling at Wild Ozark Read More »

Provenance of a Paint

Most of my paints begin with a rock. Sometimes I remember to record the process it goes through from rock to paint, and sometimes the process isn’t quick. This is the story of a paint made from a reddish sandstone found here at Wild Ozark. It’s the provenance of Number 2021-01. I’m still working with …

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Black Gum autumn leaves, leaching plant pigments

Plant Pigments- in search of a stable green, the latest painting and the next show

Between getting the house clean today, since it’s raining and I couldn’t be outside weed-eating, I’ve been making a mess in the kitchen. People have to not take things at face value in this house. What looks like refreshing tea… just might not be. My kids know by now that not everything they see in …

Plant Pigments- in search of a stable green, the latest painting and the next show Read More »

Day 14: Nature Journal Series – Sunlight on Distant Hills

Sunlight on distant hills always makes for a pretty picture. It’s just hard to capture, whether by camera or pencil. This time I tried with my Prismacolor pencils. About this journal entry Some autumn seasons bring vivid colors, while others are quick and or less spectacular. Always, though, the sunlight favors certain hillsides while leaving …

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Relics of seasons past - a wild hydrangea flower

Relics of Seasons Past & Sepia-toned Beauty

The harbinger of spring is one of the earliest blooming native wildflowers here at Wild Ozark. Others of us plant-watchers have been reporting seeing them, so I thought just maybe I’d find one too. But I wasn’t disappointed in the day’s collection of pretty images. Even if they’re not harbingers.

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