Madison Woods is my creative chosen name. Aside from being an artist, I’m a REALTOR® with Montgomery Whiteley Realty under my real name, Roxann Riedel.

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Category: Art Journaling

My journey in art journaling. Some are just posts that fall into the category because of style or topic. The older posts are from when I used colored pencils and most recent posts are using my handmade watercolors made from Ozark pigments. Originally, this category was titled “Nature Journaling”, so you’ll possibly notice a bit of disconnect if it isn’t directly related to art. But most of my life is related in one way or another, even before I started calling myself an artist. And every bit of my art is strongly influenced by nature. So either way, whether the post is more to do with nature or more to do with art, I think it’ll fit just fine in here.