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Art Journaling

My journey in art journaling. Some are just posts that fall into the category because of style or topic. The older posts are from when I used colored pencils and most recent posts are using my handmade watercolors made from Ozark pigments. Originally, this category was titled “Nature Journaling”, so you’ll possibly notice a bit of disconnect if it isn’t directly related to art. But most of my life is related in one way or another, even before I started calling myself an artist. And every bit of my art is strongly influenced by nature. So either way, whether the post is more to do with nature or more to do with art, I think it’ll fit just fine in here.

Nature Writing at Hobbs State Park

This is a past event. If you’d like to book a workshop like this one, email madison@wildozark.com. Nature is a treat for the senses but sometimes it takes effort to get past the immediate sensory input and experience a deeper relationship. Madison Woods will lead the class on a voyage of listening, looking, and feeling …

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Tangerine Sunrise, Goodreads Giveaway, Nature Sketching

When the sun rose high enough to top the trees it washed the hills in a tangerine glow. The trees are changing fast now and I really want to take pictures every day. I have been drawing more often than photographing these days. Here’s the journal entry for the most recent native plant subject. It’s …

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It’s beginning to look like fall here at Wild Ozark

Yesterday it really felt like fall, and it does again today, too. It was almost 40*F this morning. I took a few photos yesterday, but was in a hurry to get somewhere so didn’t bring the monopod and the quality isn’t great. It seems I can’t hold the camera steady enough to get really clear …

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