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Relics of seasons past - a wild hydrangea flower

Relics of Seasons Past & Sepia-toned Beauty

I went in search of harbingers of spring but found only sepia colored relics of seasons past.


Relics of seasons past.
Not sure what the flower is, but it makes a pretty relic.
Relics of seasons past - a wild hydrangea flower
This is one of my favorites – a dried wild hydrangea flower from last season.
What's left of the flowers from last season at Wild Ozark
Dried flower heads with a bit of Badger’s hair on this little cluster of relics. He passes this way on his guard patrol.
Pretty dried grass seed head at Wild Ozark
Pretty dried grass seed head at Wild Ozark
Dried grasses at Wild Ozark
I love the color of dried grasses, and especially like the little bits of fluff in the junctions. I believe this is Little Bluestem, one of our native grasses.

The harbinger of spring is one of the earliest blooming native wildflowers here at Wild Ozark. Others of us plant-watchers have been reporting seeing them, so I thought just maybe I’d find one too. But I wasn’t disappointed in the day’s collection of pretty relics. Even if they’re not harbingers.

This post was originally published in Feb 2016. I really liked this one, so decided to run it again this year.

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  1. Ha, this time I remembered to save my comment before trying. Now I can replicate it here. Here it is:

    I love shots like these, Madison, and have many, many myself. I especially like the second shot of the hydrangeas.


    1. Thanks, Janet and glad you didn’t have to re-write this time! I still don’t know why it doesn’t work the other way for you. LOL, if you’re like me, you probably have many many shots of the same things from year to year, too. Dried hydrangeas are one of those plants I am always taking pictures of.

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