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Madison Woods is my creative chosen name. My real name is Roxann Riedel, and aside from being a nature-loving artist, I’m a REALTOR® with Montgomery Whiteley Realty.

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Day 10: Nature Journal Series

Old Oak Tree


Day 10 from my nature journal series.

About this journal entry

I’m not sure this tree is a Post Oak, but she is old and her name is Gloria. Gloria graces our front yard and she has been there for probably 200 years. Drawing her was a challenge because I’ve never learned how to draw a tree so that the leaves are distinguishable. I’m not sure that’s possible, but I think the result captured the gist of what she looks like, at least. Her trunk is massive and the limbs are even more outstretched now. Each year she probably grows a couple more feet in diameter of the crown. The trunk grows more slowly but has still significantly increased in the thirteen years I’ve lived here.

About the Wild Ozark Nature Journal

Get the index to the other journal entries and read about my project at Wild Ozark Nature Journal.

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