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recording nature

Wrapper for the Soul of the Ozarks watercolor paint tin.

Soul of the Ozarks

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed I’ve been making paint lately, ha. All of my sets of paints are called ‘Soul of the Ozarks’ collections. Each collection is numbered, and starts over in the numbering each year. This post is meant to give you some insight behind the paint-making part of my business. If you’d …

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A Study in Sandstone

The whole painting is in my handmade watercolor paint made from one of our local shades of sandstone. Every Sunday I’ll be at the Kingston Square Arts shop with the colors I’ve made so far. If it’s not too busy I’ll usually be working on a painting and you’re welcome to pick up a brush …

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Day 8: Nature Journal Series

Acorn on Weathered Stick     Nature Journal entry from Day 8. About this journal entry On Day 8 of my daily journaling stint, I couldn’t help reflecting on the sounds of trees dying in the distance. Chainsaws and crashing punctuated the otherwise peaceful land. I really dislike the amount of logging that happens around …

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Day 5: Nature Journal Series

Little Orange Mushroom   About this journal entry It’s amazing how quickly an hour flies by when you are trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to do something. On another note, I’m finding that it is getting harder to focus on the experience rather than the quality of my drawing. This mushroom didn’t meet my …

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Day 4: Nature Journal Series

Ground Cherry About this Entry The inklings of trouble is starting to reveal itself already. “This one will be much easier,” I thought as I settled on a subject for today’s entry. It is all mostly green, with hardly any other colors to try and incorporate. Right. About the Wild Ozark Nature Journal   Get …

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