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Day 7: Nature Journal Series

Christmas Fern

Nature journal entry Day 7 Christmas Fern


About this journal entry

On Day 7 of my daily journaling stint, I decided to draw the Christmas fern. These ferns are often present in good ginseng habitat. So it’s known as a companion plant, or indicator plant, but I like it just because it stays green and pretty even through the winter.

I love ferns in general and continue trying to draw them more beautifully.

The thing about doing nature journaling on location is that sometimes there are circumstances going on around you that are distracting. I’m often sitting on cold, possibly fairly moist, ground. The seating is almost always marked with stones or pebbles that make it uncomfortable.

Body discomfort is something I can overcome fairly easily though. I started carrying a kitchen chair cushion with me when I knew the seating would be bad. A change of position often helps.

This time it was the sound of insects I couldn’t see or identify.

Learning to overcome distractions is a useful skill. So I try to appreciate the opportunity to get better at it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

About the Wild Ozark Nature Journal


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I’m that same way about noises in the house. I always want to find out where they are to be sure there’s not something wrong somewhere. 🙂 I enjoy your journal pages, Madison.


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