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Day 1: Leaf and Rock, Nature Journal Series

Day 1: Leaf and Rock

Day 1: Rock and Sycamore Leaf on Picnic Table
Day 1: Leaf and Rock


About the Wild Ozark Nature Journal

I’m slowly scanning my nature journal entries and adding them to this blog.

Some of you may have already seen these, because I started this a few years ago and then let it get lost among the other things I am trying to do. Now I’m reviving the effort. Most of these are compiled in a picture ebook for Kindle.

Now I’m reorganizing and gearing up to get back into the habit of daily journaling. Once I make new drawings enough to fill another ebook, I’ll publish the second volume.

Get the index to the other journal entries and read about my project at Wild Ozark Nature Journal.

If you keep a nature journal online, share the link to yours in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Day 1: Leaf and Rock, Nature Journal Series”

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  1. I still haven’t gotten going on my nature notebook, even though I took it to Wyoming with me. Perhaps I’ll get going soon. I admire the fact that you’re always working on something new and creative. 🙂


    1. This is another one of those things that require me to leave the camera at home. If I bring the camera, I’ll take a photo of it, then I’ll want to work on the drawing from the photo instead of sitting there to do it. Which ruins the “experience” I’m trying to have, lol. I have to be vigilant against my own self!

    1. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do on the days I can’t go for my walk. Maybe just sit on the porch and draw something I can find there, if I need to be out of the weather or if the grandkids are over or something. But thanks! I’m pretty enthused by this project. It serves many purposes for me.

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