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Day 8: Nature Journal Series

Acorn on Weathered Stick

Wild Ozark Nature Journal Entry: Day 8, Acorn on Weathered Stick



Nature Journal entry from Day 8.

About this journal entry

On Day 8 of my daily journaling stint, I couldn’t help reflecting on the sounds of trees dying in the distance. Chainsaws and crashing punctuated the otherwise peaceful land.

I really dislike the amount of logging that happens around here. We have no old-growth forests left anymore. I know of only one spot where very old trees grow and it’s in a very hard to access place. You can only reach it by climbing bluffs, and the old trees at the top of that bluff are probably more than fifty years old.

Maybe they’re really old, because logging trucks can’t access it. Maybe that forest escaped even the days of dragging logs by mule.

The Ozarks once had a lot more pine trees mixed in with the deciduous oak and hickory, and in that hard to reach place there are large pine trees. This is why I think it might be one of the last original stands of our area.

In our front yard we have two very old oak trees. Both of them are likely more than a hundred years old. One of them are featured in a later Nature Journal entry.

About the Wild Ozark Nature Journal


Get the index to the other journal entries and read about my project at Wild Ozark Nature Journal.

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