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Wrapper for the Soul of the Ozarks watercolor paint tin.

Soul of the Ozarks

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed I’ve been making paint lately, ha. All of my sets of paints are called ‘Soul of the Ozarks’ collections. Each collection is numbered, and starts over in the numbering each year. This post is meant to give you some insight behind the paint-making part of my business. If you’d like to know more about the colors and sources, drop by this other page, too. And if you’re interested in how I actually make the paints, here’s a couple of other pages you might find interesting too:

Locally Made, Local Business, Local Ingredients

This product is Made in Arkansas from almost entirely local ingredients. I do have to import the media base and essential oil of cloves. But all of the color, labor, and the honey used to preserve and condition the paint, comes from right here close to home. If my tiny little operation grows very much, I’ll be able to hire someone from right here at home to help me with the gathering, sorting, and grinding of rocks and mulling of paints.

The Soul of the Ozarks

If rocks are the soul, then paint captures the essence and embodies the soul of a place.

Since all of these colors were gathered from right here at home, this entire collection is called Soul of the Ozarks. There will be other palettes added as I find other shades and sources. Other collections will be created from other places, and those will be given the title to match their place. This way you will always know the source of your colors.


Never toxic ingredients, and I always harvest the colors with respect and gratitude. The rocks and clay I gather are from sources Nature made available without resorting to digging or mining. I basically gather them off the ground while I’m taking my daily walk.

I’m experimenting with a source of water-soluble resin close to home so I won’t have to import the base media.

Introducing …

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    1. Thanks! I hope it is too. There’s been a lot of interest in it so far, so we’ll see. I have seen similar things offered at Etsy that seem to be doing quite well, too, so hopefully mine can compete for a little of the pie 🙂 It’s not really competition, though, because all of the colors will be unique to the maker, even if they start with the same materials. But as far as I know, at this time there isn’t anyone else making paints from the Ozarks. It’s like another form of art in the long view.

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