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These are all of the posts that have to do with homesteading, self-reliance of any sort. Getting our home business up and thriving is part of our self-reliance plan, so some of the posts are related to products and projects toward this end.

If you’d like to be able to do without a grocery store or Walmart, these posts may interest you.

Our goal is to be able to get by just fine if none of the usual shopping haunts are available anymore. We are not at that point yet, far from it. I personally will suffer extreme internet withdrawal symptoms if the grid suddenly crashes, haha, but I’m sharing what I know and as we learn something useful, I’ll try to post it.

If you have links to share, please add them in a comment on a post that is similar in nature or email me at madison(at)wildozark(dot)com. I’d love to hear from you!

The Bear Issue with Our Spring-fed Water Line

So I’ve done a good job of making sure the water is dripping on the cold nights and so far so good with not letting the lines freeze. But this afternoon my water at the kitchen faucet surprised me with only a very thin stream. Not even enough to rinse out my coffee cup. After a hike up the mountain to see where the problem was, I found that we don’t have a frozen water issue. We have a bear issue.

I wish I would have remembered to leave the water on last night.

Leave the Water On

You’d think by now I’d remember to do that when the first true cold snap arrives. But no, I always forget, just like I forgot last night.

Perhaps not so stylish a way to wear my shawl, but it is very warm!

Simple Survival Skills: The Multipurpose Pashmina Shawl #survivalhack #homesteading

A scarf by itself might not be enough to keep you from freezing to death in extreme temperatures. But a large scarf, known as a shawl, can serve multiple functions aside from keeping your neck warm like a scarf. It takes up little space in a glove compartment in your car. Keep one in your …

Simple Survival Skills: The Multipurpose Pashmina Shawl #survivalhack #homesteading Read More »

Elderberry Flowers Oil Infusion

Elderberry flowers have a light, sweet fragrance and all manners of pollinators love them. Which Elderberry Flowers? The variety I’m using for this is Sambucus canadensis, which is the native elderberry in our area.  Black elderberry (S. nigra) is the european comparative variety. Don’t use red elderberry if it grows in your area because that one …

Elderberry Flowers Oil Infusion Read More »

2017 Farmers Market Schedule

I decided to just update the schedule on my “appearances page“. Please check there for the latest dates. The link to get there is https://www.wildozark.com/appearances-workshops-herb-walks-presentations/  Schedule of farmers markets & events 5/26/17 – Friday I’ll be in Jasper, for a change of venue.  I’ll have a couple of older ginseng plants (2 yr and 3 yr plants), ginseng …

2017 Farmers Market Schedule Read More »

Sunrise Sounds at Wild Ozark

In the mornings, we don’t hear highway noise of people rushing to get to work on time. Our sunrise sounds belong to nature. Sunrise Sounds Remodeling We’ve been particularly busy lately here. Rob’s remodeling the bathroom. We thought it might be a weekend project, just a new coat of paint and put up some trim. …

Sunrise Sounds at Wild Ozark Read More »

Compost Sifter

Rocks are everywhere here at Wild Ozark. Even when I rake leaves or clean out the chicken house I get rocks mixed in. A compost sifter would help when I’m trying to separate rocks and weeds out of the pile. Compost Sifter Concept to Reality I had an idea in mind of what I wanted …

Compost Sifter Read More »

How to Identify Plants in the Wild, How to Search and Find Clues

Earlier this year I surveyed my newsletter members for their top questions. Here’s one about how to identify plants found in the outdoors. Top Questions It’s more of a comment than a question, but I’m creating this post in response to it. Although I’ve paraphrased some, I believe the underlying question would be “how to identify …

How to Identify Plants in the Wild, How to Search and Find Clues Read More »

Keeping up the Juggling Act

A hilarious metaphor of my unsuccessful juggling act at the homestead and in my life as a writer trying to get things done.

Get in Shape with Nature- Starting out the Day Hot & Sweaty

This morning I didn’t bring my camera so I wouldn’t be tempted to stop and take pictures. The point is to get sustained heart rate elevation. I didn’t almost step on any snakes or encounter any bears, so no excessive heart rate elevation occurred either.

No Water

This morning I turned on the faucet to put some water on my toothbrush. Nothing but a few drops came out. Then, nothing. No water. No Water My thoughts immediately led to the question in my mind, which was “Where did all the water go?” This isn’t the first time I’ve had nothing at the faucet first …

No Water Read More »

Photos of Plants – Medicinal & Useful plants down the Wild Ozark Driveway

I’m still mostly stuck in the house because of my knee (dislocated it a little over a week ago) but I took the four-wheeler and camera down the driveway to get a few photos of plants unfurling or coming into bloom. Doll’s Eyes versus Black Cohosh Late last year, after the flood in summer, I …

Photos of Plants – Medicinal & Useful plants down the Wild Ozark Driveway Read More »

How to move a round bale without a hay spike by using the front-end loader instead.

I’ve been using a chain with the tractor and front end loader to move round bales to the horses. We don’t have a hay spike or fork attachment. This how-to assumes you have a tractor with a front end loader attachment. Before we had a tractor, I used to fork hay each day to the …

How to move a round bale without a hay spike by using the front-end loader instead. Read More »

Warm Egg on a Cold Day

There is something quite satisfying about finding a warm egg in the henhouse on a blustery 15*F morning. I tried something new to help me wake up a little earlier this morning. It wasn’t until 5 a.m. when the strange noises began that I’d remembered what I’d done, though. Fresh coffee brewing in the bedroom, …

Warm Egg on a Cold Day Read More »

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