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Sunrise Sounds at Wild Ozark

In the mornings, we don’t hear highway noise of people rushing to get to work on time. Our sunrise sounds belong to nature.

Sunrise Sounds


We’ve been particularly busy lately here. Rob’s remodeling the bathroom. We thought it might be a weekend project, just a new coat of paint and put up some trim.

Ha. Well, it’s almost three weeks later now and we have had a bit of stress over the bathroom. Ended up needing a new shower door, too. It looks great, even if the cost was the vanity top we left behind busted up in the parking lot at Home Depot.

Image to accompany the Sunrise Sounds post.
shower doors


We finally got our garden started yesterday.

Yesterday Rob said “We need to get those onions planted before the rains come.”

Translated: “You should go out there and plant those onions while I’m in here working on the shower door.”

It was already on my list of things to do anyway. Grandgirl Chloe was over and I thought she’d like to help. She loves to plant things. So we gathered our tools and seeds and head down there.

Then when I started to make the first row, the hoe just “plinked” when it hit the ground. It was hard as a rock. I knew right then we had a problem.

And so I scratched a line in the dirt and gave the rake to Chloe and said “here, why don’t you rake that way (waves hand toward other end of garden) while I go get the shovel?”

Poor thing, she’s so eager. When I came back from getting the shovel I could barely see where she’d been raking, lol, and she was huffing and puffing. I didn’t think she’d keep going once I’d gotten out of sight.

So I started digging with the shovel, to turn over the row since the hoe wasn’t working. Plink! The shovel wouldn’t even go in.

The dirt was like baked clay and all I managed to get done was a pathetic scratch on the surface.

By the time Rob got out there to see what I’d gotten done I was so mad that if he would have commented on how little progress I’d made I would have given him the shovel and hoe and dared him to make the rows.

But he didn’t say that! He asked if I wanted him to get the tractor out to break it up, hahahahahahaha, and so that’s what he did and then he helped me get them planted.

I was hurting so bad by the time we got to bed last night but it felt good to get started.

Getting started on the garden.

We’d like to grow all the things we normally like to eat, but that’s going to take some time.

After yesterday’s efforts we only have onions planted.

At least when we’re toiling, we’re getting to hear sunrise sounds and other noises mostly originating in nature while we’re doing it.

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