I wear two hats with different names: Madison Woods when I’m wearing the artist hat, Roxann Riedel in real life and real estate. I'm a rock-smashing paint-making artist & a sales agent for Montgomery Whiteley Realty. Hailing from the wild Ozarks in Kingston, Arkansas where my husband and I work toward a sustainable lifestyle.

You can text or call to reach me by either name (see above):
(479)409-3429, or email madison@wildozark.com

A painting of a raven in Ozark pigment oil paints by Madison Woods.

Detour for a Thirsty Raven | Raven Painting

This raven painting is my largest yet. It’s larger than my largest watercolor of the Brahman cow at 37″ x 29″. The substrate is a birch board with three coats of white gesso. All of the colored pigments are Ozark and locally foraged, but I use purchased white pigment to make adjustments and highlights.

Detour for a Thirsty Raven

It’s happenstance that I’m working on this painting. Wendy from Gotahold Brewery in Eureka Springs contacted me about a raven-themed show they wanted to do for their third anniversary. Well, I really wanted to enter that show, but have nothing on hand to fit the theme. But I did have a board and an idea. So I put my Kings River series on hold while I work on this thirsty raven painting.

A collaboration between composer Daniel Hay, performer Christine Fuxa and artist Madison Woods. Enjoy! And don’t forget to Like and Follow 😀

Happy Accidents

The title itself is an accident, because I didn’t come up with that until writing this blog post. Once I put the title of the post down, I thought that would make a great title for the painting, too. Until then, I had plain old ‘Thirsty Raven’ in mind.

While I was blocking in color for the background, which I intended to just be a blurred blend of color with no form, I saw a form taking shape. It was a very very rough sort of form, but nonetheless enough to give me an idea. And so I refined the lines a little, dabbed more color, and suddenly a beer cellar appeared! I love happy accidents like that.

But after looking at them for a little while, and calling hubs in to give his opinion, I decided to turn the barrels around so the ends are out instead. I like it a lot better now. He also pointed out that I’d forgotten to put a tap on the spigot. Definitely needed to add one of those.

Raven Painting in progress

Some details

Where to see it?

It’s on display at my gallery/studio in Alpena right now. But the studio is only open by appointment during winter. I’ll be there on Fridays and Saturdays beginning March 2, but I’m willing to run out there anytime with some notice to open up the studio and show it to you.

Is it for sale?

It is! I’ve also got archival prints and notecards available. Click through the listing below to see all of the options.




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