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Studio Update July 29

We’ll be braving the heat this weekend, so if you’re out there, too, drop in to see us! Wild Ozark Studio & Gallery102 Main StreetAlpena, AR10 am to 4 pm The update this week is in the form of a YouTube video again:

An old hoe forgotten on a mossy rock.

Changing of the Seasons

It doesn’t feel like it outside, but inside of myself I can feel that autumn is on the way. The changing of the seasons is underway. There’s been a subtle shift, and every year when this point passes, I can tell. I can’t pinpoint what the difference is, but it’s noticeable to those who are …

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Lightfast yellow color, Harvesting Thyme, Planting Weld & Indigo

In my quest for lightfast yellow color, I usually use earth pigments. Those are notoriously long-lasting. They’re also earthy, beautiful in their own way and I love them. But sometimes I crave brighter, clear colors. Those are usually only found from plant sources, which are notoriously short-lived. But since beginning this journey of experiments, I’ve …

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3 Creative Ways to Use Rocks

If there’s one thing I do well, it is that I am a master of finding creative ways to use rocks. Since we moved to these rocky Ozark mountains in 2005, I’ve loved our rocks even if they do present problems in some ways. Since it’s impossible to get rid of them, I decided to …

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Painting the Choo Choo Trail

I decided a few weeks ago to try painting some scenes that might appeal to the mountain bikers who enjoy the trails of northwest Arkansas. Since I’m not a biker, I searched online for ideas and found a photo of a biker on the Choo Choo trail in Bentonville, Arkansas, by Joe Jacobs. He gave …

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I'm happy to announce that Detour for a Thirsty Raven was accepted into the Magical Circus show at Fenix Arts in Fayetteville, AR.

Repurposed Frames for New Artwork

Upcycled, repurposed frames are often much better quality than the modern ones available. This one was perfect for my raven painting.

A western fence lizard on a sandstone in the garden of an Ozark nature artist.

Musings from an Ozark nature artist

I’m at an ‘in between’ time at the moment. Between rain showers and rainy days, between things scheduled on my calendar. And since I just finished a painting, I’m between paintings, too. But this is a great time for an Ozark nature artist to get out and enjoy some nature.

Red morph eastern screech owl, in Ozark pigments. Unique art by Madison Woods.

Painting of a Screech Owl | Ozark Birds of Prey

Several years ago I had the fortunate opportunity to not only get one, but several photos of three little Eastern Screech owl fledglings. And so now you get to see the progression of my painting of a screech owl.

A sampling of cottagecore art by Madison Woods.

Cottagecore Art is Down to Earth

All of my paints are handmade. And every color except for the white came from the rocks on our property here at Wild Ozark. I forage for the rocks, crush them into powders and then make the paints that I use for each work. If cottagecore art is down to earth, mine is definitely that.

Rustic Kitchen Paintings

The complete Rustic Kitchen Collection, and how it looks framed. They’re still wet right now but I’ll be uploading them to my shop in the ‘In Progress’ category in a little while. Always a discount while in that category, and a discount for buying the whole collection while it’s intact, too. There will be prints coming soon, as well. All are 5 x 7″, Ozark oil pigments.

The Why Behind a Painting

I got an invitation from Google to test out the new AI chatbot called Bard. So far I’ve tried it out for a few different things, mostly to draw up outlines for potential blog posts. Today I asked it to outline a blog post on the topic of whether a creation story for artworks is …

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Wild Ozark YouTube Channel

Yay! Today we passed the 100 subscriber mark on our Wild Ozark YouTube channel. What? You didn’t know we had a channel? A Slow Build We’ve had one for a while but it’s been idle for a while, too. I’m going to try and make more videos, and then get them edited and ready to …

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When I’m not Painting, and Something Woo-Woo About Me

There are days when I’m not painting, usually when I’m between paintings or stepping back from one in progress. On Saturdays when I’m at the studio in Alpena, I always like to at least get something small done or started. And right now I’ve got three almost dry paintings in my cramped home office/studio, so …

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