I wear two hats with different names: Madison Woods when I’m wearing the artist hat, Roxann Riedel in real life and real estate. I'm a rock-smashing paint-making artist & a sales agent for Montgomery Whiteley Realty. Hailing from the wild Ozarks in Kingston, Arkansas where my husband and I work toward a sustainable lifestyle.

You can text or call to reach me by either name (see above):
(479)409-3429, or email madison@wildozark.com

Finished a Large Cow Painting

This is Brahman Mama #905. I’ve been working on her for a little under two weeks. This morning, she’s finished. Here’s the progression page for her if you like to see all of the steps from blank canvas to final strokes. She’s the second large cow painting I’ve ever done in grayscale.

This one is in oils on board. The first was watercolors on paper. I enjoyed the oil paints a lot more.

Brahman Mama is the large cow painting I just finished this morning.

Continuing a Smaller Painting

I’d started this broad-winged hawk while waiting on the paint to dry in the early stages of the cow. Now I can get back to work on this one.

Broad-winged hawk on the easel 1/2024
Broad-winged hawk on 10 x 10″ canvas

More Large Paintings in the Future?

I have another 24 x 36″ board and want to paint another large one soon. At least before the April art fair in Tontitown, at least. But first, I need to paint the rest of the hawk above.

The next one won’t be another large cow painting, though. I’ve got a second broad-winged hawk and another canvas similar to the other one to paint first. Perhaps after that I’ll figure out what I want to do on the other big board waiting for paint.



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