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Classical Art that I Love

I’ve found more classical art that I adore. You know, I took an art appreciation class back when I was in college and I didn’t get the exposure I thought I might to the kinds of art I really love. But I follow a couple of accounts on Instagram that consistently post images of old-world art that I love, and I’ve found so many classical artists that I didn’t know about to know how much I loved their work.

The works I’m showing below are the kinds of paintings I love. I want to be able to paint like this one day. These old world scenes fascinate me for a few reasons. One, because they were painted so long ago and yet still survive today. Some of the artists probably made their own paints or had an apprentice making it for them. The colors most likely were from nature and not synthetically derived. And, the depictions show how life looked back then- how true to life are they?

Perhaps they’re embellished or edited in the same way artists today take creative license with scenes they’re painting. Some of them have such depth and detail that it’s not hard to imagine stepping into it for a real old-world experience and find out for myself.

My Classical Art Picks

The caption tells the artist, and the image is linked to a website with more information about them. I’m choosing the image I liked the most to post as representative of that artist, but it might not be representative of their whole body of work.

Where are the Women?

When I find my attention grabbed by artwork, I’m not asking whether the artist was a man or woman. I simply love what I love. But as I’m compiling more and more of these classical artworks into my files, I’m noticing more and more that it is almost exclusively men. Were there any classical female artists painting in this genre? Perhaps women weren’t ‘allowed’ to roam the countryside spending their time behind an easel with a paintbrush in hand. If that’s the case, I am so thankful not to have been born in that era.

With some research I’ve found a stockpile of classical women artists, but so far I’ve only one that paint the scenes that really grab my attention.

Rosa Bonheur (1822–1899) Highland Raid

The other women artists I found were mostly portrait artists. The artwork itself is interesting. I just am not drawn to portraiture so much as landscapes and rural scenes. But, it’s really fascinating and was a delightful discovery to see that Marie Antoinette’s favorite court artist was a woman! Here’s a link to this artist, specifically.

Here’s a link to the best collection of women artists throughout the centuries that I’ve found:

National Museum of Women in the Arts

Previous posts about Old-World Classical Art

Here’s some previous posts where I showed some of the classical art that I adore.



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