About Wild Ozark

At Wild Ozark we help people learn about ginseng and reconnect to nature through stories, articles, plants, books and crafts inspired by the Ozarks.

Putting the wild in Wild Ozark

It takes us thirty minutes to reach pavement from where we live in the wild Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas, where we work at scratching out a sustainable living off the hamster wheel of debt. Together we plan and act on ideas to make products, grow ginseng, and work on projects to help others enjoy and reconnect with Nature.

Current Projects

  • Downtown Rogers Farmer’s Market
  • Fresh Ginseng Market
  • Fairy Gardens
  • Terrarium Miniatures and Potted Plant Signs
  • Keepsake Boxes and other Woodworking
  • Fall ginseng seedlings
  • Nature Art
  • Nature Photography


Our past projects include:

  • Installed an American Ginseng Habitat at the Peel-Compton Gardens in Bentonville. We were awarded a grant from United Plant Savers to cover a portion of the expenses for this. This installation provides a teaching/learning resource for ginseng enthusiasts. The garden has an excellent conference room for classes. We’re looking forward to doing this work. There are other places this sort of installation would do well and we hope to get ginseng habitats growing in all of the public gardens where the lay of the land and tree cover invites such plants.
  • We’re finished building Rob’s woodworking shop.
  • Wrote the first novel of my rural fantasy series called Bounty Hunter. It’s a post-collapse fantasy set in the Ozarks. Treya applies for a position with ARSA (Apprehension, Retribution, and Silencing Agency) of northwest Arkansas, a government agency that specializes in a certain type of silencing. The targets must be killed three times (to grub stage) because they reincarnate to lower forms with each life.


  • I’d like to do more presentations and workshops in 2017. If you or anyone you know is interested in nature journaling, ginseng habitat, or business image branding, let me know by emailing me at [email protected]

Our Goal: to bridge the gap between people and the natural world, to remind readers that we are part of a larger whole, and to celebrate that all we see is not always all there is. We do this through stories, photography, books and crafts inspired by the Ozarks, and with our nursery we offer plants to help re-establish American ginseng habitats.

photo of Wild Ozark team
Richard Kestrel and Madison Woods
“The Wild Ozark team”


The Duo Behind the Brand

Madison Woods

I immerse in Nature as it unfolds and always marvel at the creation we humans are so intrinsically a part of. Keenly interested in how we interact, how everything is connected, I strive to understand and honor this tie that binds us all.

I’m an Author, photographer, animal and nature-lover and bonafide tree-hugger – the wilderness is the perfect environment to satisfy my soul. It gives me inspiration to bring the products to life to help others reconnect with Nature. I write fantasy, non-fiction and use photography to create products for our online store. I am also a nature sketcher and have an online nature journal that you can enjoy. If you’d like to try your hand at sketching, I have journals designed especially for that.

American Ginseng and the habitat that supports this endangered plant is one of my avid interests. Most of my non-fiction is devoted to this topic and I encourage anyone with the right kind of land to help protect and re-establish habitat. This is my goal for our property even though we still intend to harvest and sell our roots eventually. With proper planning, planting and ethical harvesting, it will thrive for generations to come.

I’m the voice behind our social media and website.

Robert B. Riedel

My life’s motto is a line from a Rush song: “It’s all about choices. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

I’m driven to get our household sustainable and off-grid so we can thrive in any circumstance. My 22 years of USAF service gives me a varied skillset for this purpose. I’m interested in solar power and look forward to a time when I can work on our solar array. I’m a woodworker and enjoy making decorative boxes with gemstone inlay (great for jewelry, tarot cards, etc.). I have a lot of ideas for furniture, as well. I also love bonsai and plan to make bonsai planters. My role with Wild Ozark at this point is homestead infrastructure engineer. We have a lot of critical things that need to be taken care of with the homestead (like leveling the house) before I can focus on my own creative ideas for our online shop. In the meantime I do some editing for Madison’s writing projects and come up with ideas, which we are writing down to draw upon later. All of the projects around here give Madison some photo ops and blog post topics, though. As soon as we get caught up with the house foundation and leveling I’ll be able to begin building my workshop. Then I’ll get to bring of my creative ideas to fruition.



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