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Earth Pigments & Watercolors | Paleo Paints from Wild Ozark

I turn rocks and clay into color-drenched, earth pigments for handmade watercolors. They’re called Paleo Paints. The process I use to get the pigment is how it was done from the first time a human slapped a painted handprint on the wall of a cave.

Watercolor painting, Ozark earth pigments by Madison Woods
One of my paintings, using Wild Ozark Paleo Paints. “Rhapsody”, 16″ x 12″. Click to see it larger.

As I make paint for my own paintings, I’ll make extra and those will be for sale online here at Wild Ozark and at my display inside of Kingston Square Arts in Kingston, Arkansas. All of my paints and palettes are small-batch produced and will always be available in very limited quantities.

Paleo Paint made from my local stones, clay, or herbs are arranged into palette collections called “Soul of the Ozarks”. When I use source materials from other places, I’ll note that in the product descriptions.

I use stones, clay, and herbs to make dry earth pigments and watercolor paint, for accenting my nature art, and to add color to my native clay sculptures.

The pigments, watercolor palettes, and artwork will all be offered for sale at Wild Ozark’s Online shop, and through my brick-and-mortar outlet at the Kingston Square Arts shop in Kingston, Arkansas.

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Your mailing address and birthday are not required, but if you fill that out, I’ll send you a sample dot or a print postcard for your birthday featuring whatever colors I have on hand at the time.

The Soul of the Ozarks resides in Her Rocks. Handmade watercolor paints and dry earth pigments. Paleo Paints from Wild Ozark.

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Earth Pigments and Hand-Made Watercolors

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