Earth Pigments & Watercolors

I turn rocks and clay into color-drenched, earth pigments for handmade watercolors. This page highlights the process and shows the paints and pigments I use in my paintings. Most of them will be for sale on Etsy and in my online shop. All of my paints and palettes are small-batch produced and will be available in very limited quantities.

Coming Soon! Release date is September 16, 2018. To get updates, subscribe to my newsletter.

I use stones, clay, and herbs to make dry earth pigments and watercolor paint, for accenting my nature art, and to add color to my native clay sculptures. The pigments, watercolor palettes, and artwork will all be offered for sale on this site, Etsy, and through my brick-and-mortar outlet at the Kingston Square Arts shop in Kingston, Arkansas.

The Soul of the Ozarks resides in Her Rocks. Handmade watercolor paints and dry pigments coming Sept. 16.

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Earth Pigments and Hand-Made Watercolors