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A sugar glider painted by Daryl Dickson, author of the book I just reviewed.

Book Review | Celebrating Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife

Note: I was provided a free copy of this book (Celebrating Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife) so I could write an honest review.

The Art of Daryl Dickson

This is a beautiful book. From the cover jacket to every page inside, it is a visual treat and delight that will mesmerize wildlife and art lovers from any continent.

A book featuring the art and story of Daryl Dickson's watercolor art.

The author and artist shares with us her journey. As a reader who is also both and artist and author, I rooted for her as the character in this story.

She could have easily given up when her school counselor made the pronouncement in the late 1960’s to her parents. “Somehow you are going to have to make this girl understand that there is no future for women in art.” She might have thought at that time that she had indeed, given up.

A Detour

At 16 years old, she accepted the counselor’s words. Young Dickson packed her rucksack and left her family in Adelaide to go travelling. However, her love for art didn’t die. She continued her drawing and sketches. In London in the 70’s, she worked at odd jobs to get by.

Eventually she returned to Australia to settle in the far-north tropics where she began her work in wildlife rehabilitation.

One of the page spreads from Celebrating Australia's Magnificent Wildlife.
“Moonlight Glider – Blossom mungarru – Mahogany Glider”, watercolor on paper

Hands-On Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife

It was during her time working with wildlife rehabilitation that her muse finally gained control. She had found her niche in the world.

She is self-taught and developed her beautiful artistic voice through trial and error. Through her paintings, Dickson offers readers a surrogate relationship, a glimpse into her life with all of the wildlife she’s studied and loved. She has worked with some of the rarest and most endangered species in Australia.

My favorite! “Jenny’s Camp – Little Red Flying Foxes”, watercolor on paper

Read this book for her story, but prepare to get lost in the artwork. You will feel the love for these creatures she has so intricately portrayed in their natural habitats.

Where to Purchase Celebrating Australia’s Magnificent Wildlife

If you decide to buy the book via the Amazon link, I make a small commission on your qualifying purchases. I don’t know if this book is a ‘qualifying’ product.

Get it from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3khHYqM

Also get it directly from the publisher: https://exislepublishing.com/product/celebrating-australias-magnificent-wildlife/

The author’s bio from the Exisle Publishing website:

Daryl Dickson is an award-winning painter and illustrator with a passion for the natural environment and wildlife rehabilitation. Originally from London, she now lives in Far North Queensland. She has received an Australia Day Award for her work in environmental education, wildlife rescue, Cassowary Award, and the Drawing prize at the Hinchinbrook Bird Life Art Awards.”

The author and artist working on a painting.
Daryl Dickson at work on a painting.

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