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Product Reviews for Things I’ve Used and Either Loved or Hated

It doesn’t happen often enough, but every once in a while I buy something that works exceptionally well for my purposes, or use a service that really impresses me. This page is for my product reviews.

I’ll index the posts for all the products I’ve bought or used and really loved or hated. I won’t review the ones that were just average. They’ll either be really good or really bad to make it on this page.

Disclosure: If you buy something after clicking on one of the product links I’ll get a few cents. It’s a way for me to make a little coin and it costs you nothing extra. However, I like to promote buying from your local individually owned businesses when you can. If you know of such a place to get the item I have reviewed, please let the readers know by leaving a comment. Thanks!

The item will link to Amazon or Walmart, whichever one has the better price. In the event one or the other doesn’t have an affiliate link for the item, it’ll link to the one that does. My reviews always let you know where I’ve found the best price for it, so click “Read my Review” to get more information.

Product Reviews

Ice Cleats

Read my review


Read my Review

Rada Kitchen Knives

Read my review

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