Madison Woods is my creative chosen name. Aside from being an artist, I’m a REALTOR® with Montgomery Whiteley Realty under my real name, Roxann Riedel.

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Category: Product Reviews | Homestead, Art & Nature

I write product reviews for items used on our homestead (tools, gadgets, etc.), certain art supplies, books, or items related to nature in some way.


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Full reviews are posted to the website. Summary reviews with link back to the full review is posted at all other media. My reviews are honest. If I don’t like the item and it was one given to me in exchange for a review, then I won’t post any review at all and I’ll let my contact know. I do post negative reviews for items I’ve purchased. I do not leave reviews at Amazon, though I will link to the item there.


If you’d like to send something for review, please email me at, or just send it with a note stating where the item can be purchased to the following address:


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