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A trio of orchid prints.

Arkansas Locally Made | Avoid the Christmas Gift Crisis

With all the cargo ships moored offshore our major ports, it’s beginning to look like a Christmas gift crisis could strike major retailers. But if you’ll check out Arkansas locally made items, I bet you’ll find some things to check off some of your list.

This weekend there’s a group of us getting together to offer our handmade arts and crafts in Huntsville, AR. We’ll be at 107 Main Collective (The Venue) in the square. The hours are 2 – 8pm on Friday and 10-2pm on Saturday. It’s a varied lineup of art, crafts, home and personal body goods – all possible gifts for men and women, and I believe a toymaker will be there, too, with items that’ll make good gifts for children.

Arkansas Locally Made

I’ll be there with a selection of my original paintings featuring Ozark pigments, archival prints, and note cards. I’ve only got one set of the rustic farmhouse trio of orchids, but will make more of them soon. I’ll have these with me this weekend! Come out to the Huntsville Square and get some Arkansas locally made goods.

Drawings and Paintings

While I started painting and making paints in 2018, I’ve drawn all of my life. Once I found the local pigments, I haven’t used my pencils often. But drawing has played a big role in my paintings, too. I do all of my work freehand, whether it’s a drawing or a painting. That’s why you might notice my buildings aren’t square and the lines in anything I create aren’t quite perfect. A photographic copy of an image or scene isn’t what I’m attempting, but it is pleasing when what appears on the paper captures the feeling I have when I see it. Bonus points if it actually looks like the thing I’m seeing!

Shop Online and Mail Order

I ship my products anywhere in the US, so if you can’t make it out to any of the shows but you’d like to have my artwork, prints, or notecards, just head on over to the shop. The mail doesn’t run as fast as it used to, but I think if you get your orders in by Dec. 1, it should definitely arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. We have a lot of creative talent in our state, so shop Arkansas locally made and avoid the Christmas ‘out of stock’ crisis.

P.S. If you’d like to order one of those Rustic Farmhouse Trio’s, I can make them with any of my prints. So if you have a favorite three you’d like to see done this way, just email me. These aren’t listed in my shop yet. $75, free shipping to US addresses.



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