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Earthy Original Art

Earthy original art by Madison Woods. Nature and wildlife paintings, and nature-influenced fantasy. All colors in the original artworks are derived from hand-foraged pigments native to northwest Arkansas.

If you would like to see one of these in person, I am happy to bring them out anywhere in northwest Arkansas. Just send me an email or contact through social media. I’m ‘wildozark’ everywhere.

Keep up with New Earthy Original Art

Join my mailing list and select the special interest group to be notified when new originals are available, even before they are listed in this shop. If nothing new is done for the month, there won’t be a newsletter sent out until the next month. I do send out the general newsletter (sort of) monthly, but the originals catalog only goes to those interested in originals.

Sign up here: NEWSLETTER

Shipping is free to US destinations (for unframed art). My shopping cart isn’t set up for international sales, but if you would like to buy something to be shipped outside of the US, please email me and I’ll be happy to send you an invoice with shipping costs included.

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