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The nft orchid collection at Opensea.

The NFT Orchid Collection at Opensea

This is a collection of six North American Orchid drawings preserved forever on the blockchain. Some, like the Ghost Orchids, are extremely rare and endemic to a very small area. Others, like the Lady’s Tresses, are abundant. All of the works in this NFT Orchid collection were originally created using Prismacolor pencils on Arches watercolor paper.

The Orchid Collection is no longer available at Opensea.io. I burned them all except for the one that was transferred to a new owner months ago. I couldn’t afford the eth to freeze the metadata on them, and have moved to Solana for most of my future NFT creations. There are still projects I’d like to do on eth at Async.art, but until I can buy more coin, that’s shelved for now, too. I’ll be creating a new collection of my orchids in pencil at Exchange.art on the Solana chain eventually.

I do all of my drawings and paintings freehand. Most of the time I’ll use a photograph for a reference, or a lot of photographs if I’m unfamiliar with the subject and want to see it from various angles. If I am working plein air, I will take photographs to capture the lighting I want reflected in the painting or drawing. And if I don’t have time to finish it on location, I can work to complete it at home from the photo.

These orchids were all drawn using photos for references, but my art never looks like the original image. I usually create my own backgrounds, and the lines are never straight or curved in the same way as the original. When I’m using my Ozark pigments, the colors are never exactly as they are in real life. When I need to get closer to the true colors, I’ll use the colored pencils to achieve that effect.

The NFT Orchid Collection

This Ghost orchid will be the first one minted. I should be able to do that by end of 2021. For now, the listing is available to view. I believe the whole collection may be available to view, as well. If you know you want one, make an offer! Otherwise, I’ll either put them up for auction or set a price and try to sell them as I can.

At this time, none of them are ‘frozen’ and I can still edit the details. Once I’m satisfied with the descriptions, etc., then all of that data will be locked and stored through the Ethereum blockchain in perpetuity. Ownership can be traced and verified. At least, this is my understanding of how it all works… I’m still trying to learn the in’s and out’s of this whole new platform.

Coming Soon to the Collection

Here are the rest of the drawings included in this NFT Orchid Collection at Opensea.io. Once the links to them are live, I’ll update that and move them from here to the live links above. The first orchid to be minted will be the Ghost orchid. I’ll release a new one as often as I gather the funds to mint them. If one sells quickly, I’ll mint the next one more quickly.

I will eventually create another NFT orchid collection from paintings I’ll make of our native Ozark orchids. As well, I’ll create collections of my wildlife and landscape art featuring the Ozark pigments.

If you’d prefer your artwork real, the originals and prints will eventually be available in the Wild Ozark online shop. You can email me at madison@wildozark.com if you’d like to order now. The originals Showy Orchid is sold already.

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