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Pink Lady's Slipper orchid in pencil by Madison Woods.

Drawing a Pink Lady’s Slipper | Series of Six Orchids

From time to time I get requests for artwork that is closer to reality in color than I can get with my Ozark pigments. When that happens, I use my Prismacolor and Winsor & Newton pencils. For the next while, until I finish a series of six orchids that will illustrate an article for the North American Native Plants Society, I’ll be working in pencils. This process page is for the Pink Lady’s Slipper drawing. I’ll also be painting this orchid in Ozark pigments as part of my Orchids of the Ozarks series. The Showy Orchid in that series is already done.

The whole series will include the following orchids. These are not in order, but they represent three very rare and three fairly common orchids in north America. The list will be linked to the process pages as I get each of them finished.

  • Pink Lady’s Slipper
  • Ghost Orchid
  • Lady’s Tresses
  • Hawaiian Bog Orchid
  • Rattlesnake Plantain
  • Fringed Prairie Orchid

The Process for drawing the Pink Lady’s Slipper

The next time I draw one (after the Ghost orchid, which is already done), I’ll try to remember to note which colors I’ve used. I forgot on both of the first two to do that. As soon as I get a chance, I’ll post the process pics for the Ghost orchid.

Here’s an excellent site to learn more about the Pink Lady Slipper orchids.

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