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2023 Workshop Season

UPDATE 5/2/23: Workshop season is here, and I’m beginning to schedule a few classes/workshops/herbwalks/orchidwalks. Some will take place here at Wild Ozark, and some will take place at the studio in Alpena. Keep up with workshops as they’re scheduled by signing up for my newsletter, or follow the Workshop page at my online shop.

Covid threw off my first attempts at getting some pigment hunting and paint-making workshops underway. Then once that subsided, I just didn’t know if I wanted to keep trying to organize group events. It’s much easier to do private sessions, and the customers get a lot more out of them that way, too. But introductory sessions might lend themselves well to groups. Or I could do a 3-day full study on making paints, with an initial field trip to hunt the pigments.


What to do, What to do?

I will decide what to do after getting the studio space in shape. If there’s still room in the back half of the building, I might consider doing some group workshops this year. Let me know if you’d be interested in that. Maybe just some smaller sessions for introduction and I’ll bring all of the pigment rocks with me to the studio and skip the pigment foraging. And maybe I’ll bring the rock grinder too, and skip the mortar and pestle grinding. Then I could add a session on washing the pigments to get smoother paints.

But First, we need water

Before I could do any workshops at all at the studio, we need to have the water running. I won’t be able to get to that until Mar. 31. So I’ll decide how to go about these upcoming workshops after that.

UPDATE: The water is on and so are the lights! The studio is up and running full speed ahead. Now we just need to attract visitors 😀 The address is 214 Hwy 62 W, Alpena, AR 72611. We’re only open on Saturdays until summer arrives with tourists. Our hours are 9-4, then possibly will shift to Fridays and Saturdays, possibly Sundays (same hours).



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