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The Wild Ozark Studio Gallery inside the Alpena Mercantile in Alpena, AR.

My Studio is a Work in Progress

It’s still a work in progress, and might perpetually be, but it’s coming along! Eventually I’ll have some things to put on those shelves. They’re not art, but when the ginseng comes up and I get some potted, I’ll bring those in and put them on the shelves. oops! I hit the publish button instead of ‘save’. Anyway, I’ll use the shelves for something, lol. There’s room for lots of things, and more paint sets once I get restocked on that, too. Boxed sets of note-cards. Native clay pieces… all kinds of possibilities.

I hate needing this anti-theft software, but my entire website is being scraped and republished on other sites. If you'd like to use photos or content on your own website, go to my Contact page and let me know. I'm almost always happy to allow it.

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