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New Exhibit Acceptance | 2021 Bosque Art Classic

New Exhibit Acceptance | 2021 Bosque Art Classic


I’m super excited to announce that Petunia was chosen for the 2021 Bosque Art Classic. A heartfelt thanks to juror Tyler Crow, the youngest artists ever inducted to the Cowboy Artists of America. It’s an honor to have a painting of mine hanging alongside the many other incredible works that turn up for this show.

Now I’ll need to get Petunia framed and ready to ship.

Petunia, the Bearded Dragon
Petunia, 5 x 7″, all Ozark pigments on handmade deckled edge paper. The original will be for sale at the show, and prints are available too.

Show Preview Online

You can see all of the show at this page from the Bosque Art Center’s website: https://www.bosqueartscenter.org/Gallery.aspx. The categories are on the left hand panel (if you’re on a computer). If you’re able to go to the physical show, I’d be delighted if you can send me some photos of Petunia hanging on the wall!

Getting to the Bosque Art Classic

The Bosque Art Classic is in Clifton, Texas in Bosque county, an area considered an artist’s mecca. I’ve been wanting to reach more toward western contemporary art because even though my subjects may not be distinctly western, the colors really resonate with the images I think of from out west.

Petunia Process Page

Go to this page if you’d like to see the process of creating Petunia. She’s painted entirely in handmade watercolors from our local Ozark pigments, as is all of my art. I’d never painted a reptile before and was curious if it would work. This is a pet my grand-daughter loved, though the model I used for the reference (my own photo) was a different dragon and not the original ‘Petunia’. The original Petunia had died and I painted a portrait for Karter in remembrance of her beloved pet.

First and foremost, apart from being an artist and author, Madison is a nature enthusiast. She enjoys using local resources in every aspect of her life and considers the land she and her husband live on as partners in life. They care for the land and the land cares for them. She’s an herbalist, gardener, and wildcrafter of medicinal plants.



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4 responses to “New Exhibit Acceptance | 2021 Bosque Art Classic”

  1. Barbara Avatar

    Congratulations, proud of you and little Petunia!

    1. Madison Woods Avatar

      Thanks! I’m pretty tickled.

  2. Nancy Hartney Avatar

    Tooooooo exciting. Sounds like a perfect traveling opportunity to strut your stuff.

    1. Madison Woods Avatar

      Thanks, Nancy! I would love to use this opportunity, but there’s a lot going on right during that timespan that’s going to make it hard to pull off. If I miraculously won the top award, I’d have to find a way to get there, as the recipient is required to be there. But otherwise it’s not looking easy to do, as we may actually be traveling in the opposite direction at that time!

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