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Studio Sneak Peek | The Beginning | Mar 2023

Here’s a little video to give you a studio sneak peek. It’s looking a lot more lively inside the Alpena Mercantile, where the Wild Ozark Studio is located. Opening day is this weekend! We’ll have a Grand Opening later on after all of the operational kinks are ironed out.

Come inside for a sneak peek! We got a lot done over the weekend and we're ready for our first open day on April 1.

Saturday, April 1
9am to 4 pm
214 Main Street, Alpena AR

We’ll be open at least every Saturday, and I’ll be there anytime the creeks aren’t over the bridge. Except on April 15. I won’t be there that weekend because I’ll be in Little Rock doing a paint-making demonstration. But the other vendors will be there!

Studio Sneak Peek

Want a sneak peak inside my studio space at Alpena Mercantile? This is both my studio work space and gallery. Behind that counter there is a ton of shelf space for supplies. I’ll sit outside with my easel on good days and behind the counter on not-so-good ones. At the moment, my pochade box goes back and forth with me so I have paints to work with both at home and at studio, but eventually I’ll get more paints made.

Many thanks to Karen Anderson of Coquette Originals for that eye-catching market flag!



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Let me know you were here :D

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