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Stones to Grind | A Fantastic New Interview and Publication

Lisa J. Tomey interviewed me way back in 2019 for an article to be published in Okra Magazine. Just when it was about time for it to run, Covid struck and that article got pushed back on the publisher’s to-do list. Well, I’d almost forgotten about it, but Lisa did an awesome job of keeping tabs on it and updating me as to whether or when it might finally go to print. It was just published this month. The article title is ‘Stones to Grind’.

Stones to Grind, an article about my work in Okra Magazine written by Lisa J. Tomey.
Click to see the online preview of Stones to Grind, by Lisa J. Tomey in Okra Magazine. It’s begins on p. 12!

Stones to Grind

I love the title she gave the article. Seriously, I do have stones to grind. A lot of them are waiting outside by my new rock crusher, ha.

Actually, though, I have to make this confession about my role with chemistry. My entire career field was chemistry, both organic and inorganic. However, I wasn’t technically a Chemist … though knowledge of chemistry was essential for doing the work. My most prestigious title was ‘Environmental Scientist’ in the latter seven years before leaving the work-away world for the work-at-home one. It’s a minor technical point, but in defense of those out there with ‘Chemist’ for their titles, I just wanted to clarify that.

However, all that work with chemistry did set me up to a real affinity for my current work with the Ozark pigments.

Thank you, Lisa, for this fantastic spread in what looks like a marvelous magazine. You can find Lisa at Prolific Pulse blog and Instagram.



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