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Map of Kingston, AR 72742

Kingston, Arkansas?

There are some hidden treasures in the Ozarks. The tiny little town of Kingston, Arkansas is one of them.

The town itself is tiny, consisting only of a simple square with a gazebo in the middle for the “downtown” portion and across the bridge heading north there is the school and a gas station. That comprises the “uptown”.

There is a short term rental near the square, and cabins in the surrounding area. Nearest hotels will be found in outlying larger towns and cities. I have a page on my site with local lodging. If you know of other places I can add to it, leave me a comment.

Last I knew, the population was around 500. But most of the people live in the hills surrounding Kingston. And in those hills are a lot of crafty and artistic folks! You’ll see evidence of that if you stop in at some of the businesses in town the next time you’re passing through on your way to Ponca or Boxley.

What kind of business, you ask? Well, we have antique stores, a cafe, a gas station, a feed store, an old bank still using the old setup (take a look inside it), and an art gallery.

I’ve noticed that only the antique stores are said in plural. That’s a dead ‘small town’ giveaway to let you know just how small a town it really is. However, one of the legendary antique stores, Grandpa’s, will soon be up for sale. If you are interested in business or land-ownership opportunities in the Kingston/Boxley/Upper Buffalo River region, please touch base with my daughter. She’s a real-estate agent for this area.

Kingston Square Arts shop in Kingston, Arkansas.
Kingston Square Arts shop in Kingston, Arkansas.

Kingston Square Arts Shop (KSA)

Here’s a sampling of the kinds of things that are at the store:

Where the Heck is Kingston, Arkansas?

You’ll easily find it heading north on Highway 21 from Clarksville, AR (off of I-40) or by heading south on 21 (off of Hwy 412).

If you’re heading to Boxley or Ponca, you’ll already be in the vicinity.


I have a vested interest in Kingston Square Arts. A little corner of the shop houses my artwork. I have prints and note cards, and sometimes paints in stock. No originals, except the one in progress when I’m working. During the pandemic, I’m not working there, but I am hoping life can return to normal eventually. If you’d like to see one of my originals just email me, and I’ll be happy to bring it out to the town square if you’re passing through. My email address is [email protected]

Hours are 10-5, Saturday & Sunday. (Covid Hours) Mask Required
Call ahead if you’re coming from afar to make sure it’s open:  (479) 665-2559

Note: During the pandemic, only Greg (the potter and owner) is doing demonstrations.

Other than in the physical shop, you can find KSA on Facebook and at the website (still working on that). I’m the web and social mistress of the shop, so I’ll often post pictures of the items Greg (the house potter) or Barb (the house fiber artist) is working on or interesting things in there that’s for sale, or new things that the artists and artisans bring in to sell.

If you spot anything you want, it’s okay if you’re not close enough to drop in. They ship! Just post on the image in the FB timeline to ask if it’s available and they’ll take it from there.

If you’d rather call, the phone number is (479) 665-2559. The address is 100 Public Square, Kingston, AR 72742.

If you’re worried you won’t be able to find it, don’t be. If you can find the town of Kingston, you’ll find the square. And if you can find the square, you’ll definitely find the shop. It’s the big white store on the corner across from the post office.

Want to see some other places? Aside from Kingston Square Arts there are other things worth a stop in our tiny town.

Grandpa’s Antique Store

This iconic Kingston antique store and destination is closed and will soon be listed for sale.

The Bank

The bank is also a historic building. Pretty much all of the buildings on the square are. Inside the bank you can see the old tin ceiling tiles and the old bank vault. Both are in the lobby.


There’s also a cafe (Waldron Valley Cafe – which is also for sale), Bargain Buddy (antiques) the library (very small by most standards, but much larger than it used to be!), and a newly renovated building for Ranch One Realty & Feed store. There’s a gas station just off the square to the north that also serves food.

I’ve probably left something out, so if you’re reading this and want to mention another spot to stop in our town of Kingston, Arkansas, or talk about the history of Kingston, just leave a comment and let everyone know!

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24 October 2018 11:35 am

Hello Tommy, I think I had you and Tom Little mixed up when I answered you. He is the son of Johnny Little who I thought was descended from Grey Eagle. Apparently all three of us are descended from Thomas and Luvinia. It’s interesting to hear from you both.

Tommy Wilkerson
Tommy Wilkerson
23 October 2018 4:44 pm

Ok Etheldred Little and Elizabeth Betsy Moye Little had four kids that I know .
Thomas Napoleon Little
Nancy Jane Little
Lydia Little and
Grey Eagle Little
I know that Grey Eagle Little and his side lived around Prauge okla. He is buried there .

Roxanna Begley McCullough
Roxanna Begley McCullough
23 October 2018 4:15 pm

Hello Tommy. It’s nice to hear from you! I do have one question. My mother and Johnny Little has talked several times about the family and it was her understanding that he was descended from Grey Little who was a brother to Thomas Napoleon Little. Is that incorrect? My mom… Read more »

Tommy Wilkerson
Tommy Wilkerson
23 September 2018 8:42 pm

Yes mam , My 3rd grea grandparents was Thomas Napoleon Little and his wife was Luvina Angeline Little ( Eberhardt ) , My 2nd great grandpa was James Leo Little and his wife was Nancy Little ( Spencer ) . My great grandparents were William Jackson Little and his wife… Read more »

Tommy Wilkerson
Tommy Wilkerson
23 September 2018 7:40 pm

My great grandparents were early settlers of Kingston. Lanes , Littles . Use to have a Little and Norris reunion back in the 70s and 80s there unroll they moved it to Idaho in the late 80s . I was told that they founded the town and built the first… Read more »

29 September 2017 7:49 pm

Sounds like a fun place to explore. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Madison.


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