Kingston, Arkansas? Stop in at Tina’s Place on the Square.

There are some hidden treasures in the ozarks. The tiny little town of Kingston, Arkansas is one of them. Tina’s Place on the Square in that same tiny town is another.

Kingston, Arkansas. If you find yourself there, stop in at Tina's Place on the Square.
Kingston, Arkansas. If you find yourself there, stop in at Tina’s Place on the Square.

Vintage Shop

Here’s a sampling of the kinds of things that are at the store – and all of the prices are surprisingly affordable. So don’t let fear of sticker shock keep you outside.

Art Gallery

Curated by Kate Nessler and guaranteed to please nature lovers, the back room in the store is an art gallery full of works by local artists and artisans. Hand-crafted textiles, ceramics, woodwork, and mixed media occupy all the nooks and crannies. To enter this room is to immerse in beauty. Seriously. You should take a look.

Where the Heck is Kingston, Arkansas?

You’ll easily find it heading north on Highway 21 from Clarksville, AR (off of I-40) or by heading south on 21 (off of Hwy 412).

If you’re heading to Boxley or Ponca, you’ll already be in the vicinity.

Tina’s Place on the Square Online

Other than in the physical shop, you can find Tina on Facebook. She frequently posts pictures of the items she’s working on or interesting things in there that’s for sale.

If you spot anything you want, it’s okay if you’re not close enough to drop in. She ships! Just post on the image in her FB timeline to ask if it’s available and she’ll take it from there.

If you’d rather call, the phone number is (479) 665-2559. The address is 100 Public Square, Kingston, AR 72742.

If you’re worried you won’t be able to find it, don’t be. If you can find the town of Kingston, you’ll find the square. And if you can find the square, you’ll definitely find the shop. It’s the big white store on the corner across from the post office.

And it’s the best place in town (maybe the only place in town) to get ice cream and designer coffees.

What Else is Special About Kingston, Arkansas?

Technically, it’s the home of Wild Ozark! I have some books, art cards, and fairy garden miniatures on consignment in the store and a ginseng drawing  in the art gallery.

Wild Ozark Miniatures for Fairy Gardens. All hand-made and hand-painted by Madison Woods. Each one is a collectible.
Wild Ozark Miniatures for Fairy Gardens. All hand-made and hand-painted by Madison Woods. Each one is a collectible.

Want to see some other places? Aside from Tina’s Place there are other things worth a stop in our tiny town.

Grandpa’s Antique Store

Maybe the only shop open on Sunday’s, Grandpa’s Antique store is on the square, too. If you have a pot missing a lid, whether cast iron or not, I bet you can find one to fit in Grandpa’s. There’s a lot of antiques and collectibles housed in this historic building, too.

The Bank

The bank is also a historic building. Pretty much all of the buildings on the square are. Inside the bank you can see the old tin ceiling tiles and the old bank vault. Both are in the lobby.


There’s also a cafe, the library (very small by most standards, but much larger than it used to be!), another antique store, and a new feed store in the making. There’s a gas station (Weaver’s Gas and Grill) just off the square to the north that also serves food.

I’ve probably left something out, so if you’re reading this and want to mention another spot to stop in our town of Kingston, Arkansas, or talk about the history of Kingston, just leave a comment and let everyone know!

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