Get Closer to Nature: 5 Quick and Easy Ways

There are so many quick and easy ways to get closer to nature that no one needs to go without the benefits of having that connection to our natural world.

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While I recovered from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, making contact with the earth helped to infuse me with supportive energy.
While I recovered from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, making contact with the earth helped to infuse me with supportive energy.

Quick & Easy Ways to Get Closer to Nature

  1. Go barefoot. Even if it’s only for a short while. You don’t even need to walk on the ground, just make contact with the earth with nothing between the soles of your feet and the natural ground. The ground can be found on any natural surface in contact with the earth. In my opinion, this one act is the most important thing you can do for your general holistic health.
  2. Open the windows. Okay, so if you live in a high-rise apartment you might not be able to do this. But if you go anywhere outside pay special attention when the wind blows.
  3. Sit still and listen. Do this outside in a quiet spot if such a place exists near you. If you sit and listen for more than a few minutes you’ll begin to hear the sounds beyond the initial sounds that reach your ears. The deeper you listen, the more layers to life around you’ll notice. Even man-made sounds come to our ears in layers and this exercise will be helpful in getting you more deeply connected to the world around.
  4. Guided meditation. Listen to a guided mediation that brings your mind to natural places. Even if only in your mind, you can experience all of the sensory opportunities that exist in real nature.
  5. Bring nature inside! Invest in art that moves you, or make your own. No favorite artists? Check out my art, then 🙂 Pick wildflowers or buy them from a local florist. Decorate your living space with natural accents. Print your own photography or buy framed works that move you. 
Decorating your space with Nature Art can help you get closer to nature.
Decorating your space with Nature Art can help you get closer to nature.

Need More Inspiration?

Here’s some links to sites that can help you think about other ways to get closer to nature.

First Hunt by Ima ErthwitchPredator and Prey, or the hunter and the hunted is a common theme throughout my fiction writing. No Qualms, one of my short stories (free at most retailers) is about about a predator/prey relationship. Symbiosis, my first finished novel, not published yet, deals with predator/prey relationships and the balance of energy among life on earth, sometimes symbolic and often outright. Many of my flash fiction stories (I have twitterfiction and 100-word flash stories) are also dealing with this same dynamic. This is a strong theme that runs through most of my fiction and is strongly influenced by life in the wild Ozarks where we live. My first published novel, First Hunt, also has a predator and prey theme to it. I guess it's just part of my nature.

Nature Farming

Wild Ozark is 160 acres of beautiful wild Ozark mountains. I call what I do "nature farming" because the land produces, all by itself, the shagbark hickory trees, ferns, moss, ground-fall botanicals, and the perfect habitats for growing and stewarding American ginseng. I'm co-creating with Nature - all of the things I use to make the Fairy Gardens and Forest Folk, the bark we harvest for Burnt Kettle's shagbark hickory syrup, are produced by nature without my input. This land is my muse for inspiration when it comes to my writing, drawing, and photography. It's truly a Nature Farm.

About the voice behind this blog, Madison Woods

I'm a creative old soul living way off the beaten path with my husband in the wild Ozark Mountains. Besides homesteading, growing plants & making crafty things and newsletters, I write books and stories. My rural fantasy fiction, written under the pen name, Ima Erthwitch, usually takes place in a much altered Ozarks.

5 thoughts on “Get Closer to Nature: 5 Quick and Easy Ways

  1. I would add…just get outside somewhere without being on the internet or doing something else and simply look, listen, smell, touch, and enjoy. I love having the windows open whenever possible. The upcoming days are unlikely to allow me such pleasure, which will make it all the sweeter when spring rolls around again. Cold, cloudy, and windy here today, perfect weather for working indoors. 🙂


      1. Before we got “smart” phones and had a landline, we always went out without a phone, never worrying about it. Today I left without my phone and felt quite daring to be out and about without it. Of course, it gave me a sense of freedom, but I did miss the camera and also wonder “What if someone needs to get in touch with me?” How far we’ve come, feeling that we must always be available! 🙁

        1. I always grab my phone just for the camera and to record my foot mileage for the day. We don’t have cell signal here and I’m thankful for it. I can still hike the mountains and not have it interrupted by messages or calls, same when I go down to the nursery. The drawback is that IF something happens while I’m out, it would take some looking to find me, lol. However if I forget my phone when I go to town it gives me all sorts of anxiety. How did our parents let us start driving, or go on first dates without a phone?? Well, mine had similar issues if no signal when they were out but I always knew sooner or later they’d reach one and call if they needed help.

          1. There are certainly positives as well as negatives to being able to be in touch all the time. We just have to work harder at monitoring it, I guess. I enjoy being up in Wyoming where we now do have weak, slow internet, so I can text or get online, but no phone unless we go up to the ridge where we can look out for miles and miles. We call it the phone booth. 🙂 Brings back a sense of perspective.

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