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Wild Ozark YouTube Channel

Yay! Today we passed the 100 subscriber mark on our Wild Ozark YouTube channel. What? You didn’t know we had a channel?

A Slow Build

We’ve had one for a while but it’s been idle for a while, too. I’m going to try and make more videos, and then get them edited and ready to upload more often than every once in a while. At the moment, I can’t promise a schedule of any sort. It’s easy enough to make videos, but time consuming to edit them. In fact, I took video this morning as I was on my morning walk/run and decided to take a detour to check on a ginseng patch in the woods. But I forgot to hold the phone horizontally, so it’s going to be a narrow field upright view on that one.

Eventually I need a better camera which means a newer phone. But I hate to spend the money on a phone when mine is working just fine. Except for the camera, that is. It’s an old 8Plus iPhone and I doubt I’ll ever buy a phone brand new. Used ones newer than the one I have now will work just fine if their camera lenses aren’t all hazed over too. I could use Rob’s Galaxy for making videos for our Wild Ozark YouTube channel, but I don’t like his phone as a phone. And I don’t always know when I’m going to want to make a video, so I like the ability to be spontaneous with my own phone.

The Wild Ozark YouTube Channel

Anyway, here’s our channel. It’s a mix of paint and paint-making related shorts, and some nature and homesteady type stuff too. I want to add more of the things Rob is working on and some longer format videos, too. It’s a work in process, like everything I do.

A screenshot of the Wild Ozark YouTube Channel, linked to youtube.com/@wildozark



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Let me know you were here :D

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  1. I certainly missed that you had a channel. Great news about the milestone!! I was just admiring your painting this morning and thinking how blessed I was to have it. 🙂 Thanks again.

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