I wear two hats with different names: Madison Woods when I’m wearing the artist hat, Roxann Riedel in real life and real estate. I'm a rock-smashing paint-making artist & a sales agent for Montgomery Whiteley Realty. Hailing from the wild Ozarks in Kingston, Arkansas where my husband and I work toward a sustainable lifestyle.

You can text or call to reach me by either name (see above):
(479)409-3429, or email madison@wildozark.com

Wall of Gratitude

I love it when my collectors share their framed artwork with me. Seeing how they’ve framed it and where they’ve placed it in their homes fills me with a joyous sense of gratitude. So I’m making this post as a sort of ‘Wall of Gratitude’. Have you seen some of the restaurants in tourist cities where there’s a wall where people can add a little something to it? After some years, it makes a gigantic collage of memories. That’s sort of what I’m aiming for here.

An Actual Wall of Gratitude

I’m going to print a wall hanging of this image and put it on the wall in my gallery. And so in the future, when someone sends me a photo of their piece on their walls in their house, I’ll print it out and add it to the real wall (and to this one at my blog).

Unfortunately, I didn’t save all of the photos in a file easy to find, so I may not be able to go back and get the ones from the past to add to this wall. If you’re out there reading this and want me to add your collections to my wall, send me some pics! And I apologize if you’re sending for the second time.

Every month I give away a 5 x 7″ print to one of my newsletter subscribers who enter the contest. All of my art is listed online, too, and you can buy prints, originals, and notecards from the comfort of your computer or phone. And if you are a tactile sort and want to see them in person, come by and see me at my studio or one of my exhibits or markets I attend. However and wherever we connect, you have my undying gratitude for supporting my work as an artist!

Where in the World?

At the moment, I have not tried to unravel the mysteries of international shipping. I haven’t had much luck with the past few small things I’ve tried to ship, and each item eventually returned to me after months of limbo in customs. So, I don’t ship to addresses other than US or US Military bases anymore. But the Wild Ozark colors are spreading around the US.

Other walls in other states

I know there is art on the walls in Washington state and Tennessee, too, but I can’t find the photos of those. If you’d like me to add pics of yours, send me a snapshot! I’ll keep trying to find the lost ones and will add them here if I do. ~ Madison



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