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To my website subscribers: Just in case …

I’m deleting all of the users from my website’s database. There are so many spammers/hackers and bots attempting to leave comments and registering as users lately, that I have to wipe the slate clean. When I’m done, I’ll have to add one of those irritating Captcha things that make you choose pictures to identify yourself as a human. Ugggh. I hate them too, but the amount of fake users and bots registering here has become unbearable.

If you are a subscriber and get my posts by email, I’m not sure if this will delete you from that or not. It might. There’s over 12,000 users registered as subscribers and most of those are fake profiles. It’s impossible for me to sort them between real or fake, so I’m slowly deleting them all, 250 at a time.

This is an inconvenience to you if you enjoyed getting my posts in your email inbox. I apologize for that. If I do see legitimate email addresses and people during this process, I will make sure not to delete those. But you don’t hear from me again after a few weeks, you might have to add me back to your readers (if you’re using a WordPress.com reader app). You may need to add wildozark.com to your rss feed in order to get it by email now. I’m not sure. I also deleted a lot of plugins that were causing slow server time, and one of them might have been what enabled email subscriptions. When I’m done I’ll see about adding the option back if it’s gone.

Alternatively, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter. I will begin listing all of the posts I made during the month in the newsletter. I used to do this but felt it was redunancy. Now, it might serve an actual purpose, so I’ll start doing it again.

Thanks to all of you who get this website’s posts and read my words. I hope this little spring cleaning isn’t really going to cause us to become disconnected!

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