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Paint-making Tips and Tools: Tiny Jars

As I reordered some supplies the other day, I thought it would make interesting blog posts to show you some of my favorite tools and paint-making hacks as I run across them. This one is tiny jars. I love these little jars for holding paint in the refrigerator or to store dry pigments.

When I make a batch of paint I pour them into tiny ice cube trays. When the paint evaporates and dries out some, I’ll add more. I keep doing this until I can’t add anymore. Then I let it finish drying all the way through. While waiting to make the successive pours, I keep my paint in these tiny jars in the refrigerator.

Tiny jars make storing small batches of paint easy.
Tiny jars make storing small batches of paint easy.

Some of the tiny jars have hexagonal sides. That makes it harder to label them if you’re using a marker, but really doesn’t matter if you’re using a sticker instead. Usually I do use stickers. But I prefer these with the smooth sides, so it’s easy to label them with a marker. Then it’s easy to wash off the marks so I can use them again for a new color later. If the paint color is dark, though, you’ll have to use a sticker or write on the lid instead.

Tiny Jars Size and Cost

They’re about 2″ tall and a little less than 2″ diameter. The volume is 1.5 oz. For a pack of 24 it was about $24.00. I wash and re-use these time and time again, unless I’m using them to package dry pigments for sale.

Anyway, that’s today’s little plug for tiny jars. I get mine from Amazon but I’m sure you can find them other places online. I’ve never seen them locally, although there are small jars at stores like Hobby Lobby sometimes.

The following item is an affiliate link for the little jars I use: https://amzn.to/3oqU0kd

More Tools

You can see the list of other tools I use in my paint-making process by going to my Tools of the Paint-Making Trade post.

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  1. Good ideas, Madison. I do wonder when “tips” turned into “hacks”, the latter being used so much it’s starting to hack me off, as we used to say. 🙂


    1. I’m not sure when the trend started, but I see it everywhere now. And I thought at first that’s the better term for better search visibility. But when I actually check a few comparisons on that, it shows that ‘tips’ still ranks better. Plus “Tips and Tools” actually sound better as a phrase when I say and read it… so I might just change that. This is the first post in a series of posts I wanted to do, so now is the time to do that if I’m going to do it!

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